"In Today's Environment & Uncertainty, Don't Get on a Plane!!!"

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| April, 4 2020 | for Robert Axonovitz, MD, FACP

Sorry this is late, but better late than never! Dr. Axonovitz has been my doctor for 40 years. He has never been wrong or made a poor decision about my health. The latest decision was to tell me " Do not get on a plane until this CoVid-19 is settled!" This occurred just last Month, as we were just four days away from boarding a flight from Tampa to Dallas-Ft. Worth to Palm Springs, CA for the Indian Wells Tennis Tournament!! The Corona Virus had just begun to make big time news across the country and everyone was really concerned as to what to do! Fortunately, Dr. Axonovitz's advice was correct and kept us from encountering some severe complications from travel cancellations. Ironically, two days later, the Tournament Directors, along with USTA, cancelled the tournament! Thank You, Thank You, Dr. "A" !!!!!