A Tribute to Dr. Elana Kripke

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| February, 22 2024 | for Elana Nudel Kripke, MD

Dr. Kripke and I have had a long and wonderful doctor-patient relationship and I view her as my trusted health ally and my friend. I don’t remember how long ago we met, but I’d guess she has been my primary doctor for around 20 years. She is there for me - with thoughtful care and advice, with referrals to the best specialists, with visiting me in the hospital on a few occasions, with answering my questions, day or night, and with always getting to the bottom of difficult situations. Last year, when I fell and broke both my hands very seriously, the emergency room referred me to some hand specialists. But none could see me right away. My son called Dr. Kripke and she found a renowned hand specialists who really saved my hands. I am an artist and had broken all 4 metacarpals in my dominant hand. Providing the right care,researching, and finding answers, is what Dr. Kripke does all the time! When we were just learning about Covid, she was contacting colleagues and sharing the most recent information available through emails. And when there are medical topics that affect some of her patients she finds knowledgeable speakers and arranges a zoom meeting on the topic. Kripke has a devoted, long standing, kind and caring staff who support her. I salute them too. I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Kripke as my MDVIP doctor.