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| January, 22 2024 | for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

January 22, 2024
Subject: MDVIP Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh RATES -- TRIPLE E : EXCEPTI0NAL, EXTRAORDINARY, AND EXEMPLARY! A rare find in medicine today!

My wife Angela and I, Douglas Ellis, have participated in Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh’s
MDVIP practice since inception. We are both in our 70s years of age.
We desire to make it known of our great satisfaction of the medical care, advice, and
follow-up Dr. Brumbaugh has provided in the past and continues to do so today.
Dr. Brumbaugh and his staff routinely schedule our appointments in the Wellness
Program, Parts 1 and 2. The Part 1 appointments are scheduled conveniently for us and
we are seen without delay at the appointed time, as are our Part 2 appointments,
including follow-up reminder calls of the appointments.

Our experience with these
appointments is notable in that the Part 1 visits are thorough regarding our (then) recent
and current health conditions and medications. The follow-up Part 2 visits are also
notable in that all areas of the Part 1 results are reviewed; any favorable trends are
lauded for continued wellness, and any unfavorable trend(s) is discussed. Where
necessary, the ways and means toward improvement include focused changes to our
diet and/or exercise, the modification of a prescribed medication(s), and/or new
medication only after careful assessment and discussion. We both find Dr. Brumbaugh’s
Wellness Program to be most beneficial to our continued good health.
In conjunction with the Wellness Program, Dr. Brumbaugh and his staff are responsive
to our medical concerns throughout the year. Typically, any necessary appointments
are scheduled for the same day or very soon after. The results of any tests during the
visit are always followed up with a phone call that fully explains the result(s); when
necessary, a follow-up appointment for an office visit is promptly made. On occasion,
the medical concern or test result prompted Dr. Brumbaugh to make a referral. After the
referral is confirmed, he or his staff has contacted us regarding the referral, complete
with the name of the referral, location, date, and time; if a referral could not be
confirmed by Dr. Brumbaugh or his staff, the contact information is provided to us for
the referral for which a follow-up call to us is later made by Dr. Brumbaugh or his staff.
Examples his thoroughness and follow-up include the following:

While we were on vacation in Savannah, GA, Angela began to experience symptoms
of another urinary tract infection (UTI), the same as those she had recently
experienced. She called Dr. Brumbaugh and after discussing her symptoms, he
located a pharmacy near our lodging. He called the pharmacy, faxed the prescription,
and called Angela with the name address of the pharmacy. Angela obtained the
prescription which alleviated the UTI and enabled us to enjoy the remainder of our

At home in Bristol, Douglas called Dr. Brumbaugh concerning symptoms of what
Douglas thought might be Parkinson’s disease. At the in-office visit, Dr. Brumbaugh
listened to Douglas’ explanation of the symptoms, asked questions, and performed
manipulative tests for eye-brain-hand co-ordination, hand and arm strength, knee
and foot reflex response, and leg strength exertions. The results did not eliminate
Parkinson’s disease as a concern. Dr. Brumbaugh made a referral to a specialist as
Newport Hospital. A couple of days later, the specialist’s office called Douglas and an
appointment was arranged. Soon after, Dr. Brumbaugh’s office made a follow-up call
to Douglas to confirm that an appointment had been made.

Separately, we enrolled our grandson Caleb Ferreira as a participant in Dr.
Brumbaugh’s MDVIP practice. Through our personal observations and discussions with
Caleb and with Caleb’s mother, we know that Caleb has benefitted significantly by Dr.
Brumbaugh’s care, established trust and relationship , as well as referrals to specialists, and follow-up calls with Caleb.
We are most
grateful to Dr. Brumbaugh critical intervention and care of Caleb.

Douglas & Angela Ellis, Bristol, RI