The True Meaning of a Doctor

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| March, 13 2020 | for Theodore C.M. Li, MD

In studying Plato's account of the Trial of Socrates we discover that Socrates never refers to those trying him as judges. It was Socrates' refusal to equate those conducting his trial as truly judges. One can claim a title but fail to possess the necessary attributes. Because I am not a medical doctor, I initially hesitated to proclaim my view that Dr. Theodore Li is a doctor's doctor--one who deserves to be praised for his knowledge, compassion, and total dedication to heal. I truly believe this is the case. My wife and I were patients of Dr. Li may years prior to his joining MDVIP. Even in those years his examinations were never rushed. Today the initial segment of our annual physical is spent talking to us about our health and those aspects of our life that are relevant to our health. His physical examination is a rich blending of traditional medicine with new technology such as a hand held ultra sound machine enabling him to detect whether there is plaque buildup or evidence of a possible growth on an organ that would require an enlarged picture from a hospital machine. Following his examination we are treated to an opportunity to viewing the ultra sound images on his office desktop and listening to his explanation of the significance of what he found. He does not dumb down his discussion, but his explanations are clear and satisfying for those of us who are not physicians. Irrespective of the numerous questions that I may ask Dr. Li that betray my ignorance, he answers them clearly and pleasantly. There have been instances where our discussions have been on non-medical issues. Whether it has been on a contemporary issue in international affairs or one related to a domestic issue, I have come away a better person from the discussion. As an example, in a discussion concerned with lack of civility in the country, Dr. Li spoke of Tocqueville's position in his book Democracy in America. His observations were quite similar to points I have made in my studies and were expressed in ways that impressed me deeply. My personal view is that he is one of the most brilliant people I have met. As senior citizens both my wife and myself are confronting a number of discomforts. We are fortunate that they are discomforts and not life threatening . But we are especially fortunate to have Dr. Li diagnose our aches and pains and provide us with guidance as to how to lead an active and enjoyable life. I hope that my letter clearly expresses my admiration and appreciation for having Dr. Li as my doctor. Plato's Socrates as I do would classify him as a doctor's doctor.