Very Pleased To Have Dr. Levy As My Physician !

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| March, 18 2020 | for Brian P. Levy, MD

Dr. Levy has been my Primary Care Physician for over thirty years. In all of these years, I can't think of a complaint about the service that Dr. Levy and his staff has provided. I've had to wait in the waiting room equipped with coffee, drinks and magazines a little longer than I'd planned, but, I realized that other patients may have waited while Dr. Levy explained very clearly my condition and the steps I must take to heal. He made sure that I understood the steps that must be taken to improve my health, answering any questions that I may have.

I have experienced Cancer, and Open Heart Surgery, along with other minor health complications and surgeries. I have always been secure in knowing that I could depend on Dr. Levy to give the best advice for my health.

I feel blessed to have Dr. Levy as my physician, and wish that everyone could have such a great Physician that cares for you as he does.