From a very pleased patient of dr. Matthew Brumbaugh's

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| February, 11 2024 | for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

I moved to Rhode Island from Illinois in April 2013 and needed a new dermatologist, dentist, eye dr, gynecologist and primary physician. I first met dr. Bandow, the dermatologist, whose care I needed immediately. While at MARI in Bristol, her staff wanted to know who my primary was. My answer, of course, was that I didn't have one yet. They told me that dr. Brumbaugh, at the same location, was taking new patients. I called to make an appointment and was told that dr B could see me between Christmas and New Year 2013, nothing available sooner! I kept the appointment and was pleasantly surprised that dr. B was a much younger person than myself (an important consideration when you get older). I had already experienced having older doctors in Illinois that retired and left you to find a new person to explain to who and how you were and what all your issues over many years had been. Making the move to RI I realized that I now had to do this all over again. Meeting dr. Brumbaugh was a sheer joy for me. Before my appointment he had read and gone over my previous medical history (that had been forwarded by my previous md in IL. We talked about all the things that medically had happened to me so far, he examined me and we continued talking. Dr Brumbaugh was getting to know me as a person , not just as a new patient, something I had not experienced before. My appointment lasted for more than one and a half hours! Another first for me. I felt that we had established a very thorough and lasting rapport during this first appointment. I was impressed! And I still am. It's been terrific dr-patient relationship for over ten years and I am so pleased. I have talked about dr B to everyone I know and my daughter, her husband and two boys are his patients, as was my late friend. I have told dr B that if I send more patients to his practice, he has to pay me a commission!