Vicky's Star Shines Every Time We See Her.

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| June, 24 2021 | for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Vicky Soell is a star on a team of stars in a small medical practice with a great primary care physician, Dr. Lyndell Scoles. Vicky, Alex and Penny, are members of his team, and they are extraordinary, individually and collectively. They, and Dr. Scoles, are like a professional football team. Each player does their part but each can, if necessary, become the quarterback.

From our perspective Vicky is the “front office.” She’s always friendly and welcoming, in person and on the phone. And, no matter what we’ve asked, she seems to make it happen…renewing prescriptions, scheduling office visits and other health care providers and services and coordinating it all. You name it, Vicky always helps us determine the best course of action and follows through, if appropriate. All the team’s members act as if they are on the same page and that page begins with Vicky. At least that’s what we see and what we appreciate. Thank you, Vicky!