The way she processes your information is amazing, always big picture, never assumes, always looks at a patient as an individual.

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| March, 11 2020 | for Irene Perloff, MD, DO, FACP

I have worked in the medical field for 25 years and have only met a few providers with a brain that works like Dr. Perloff. The way she sees the big picture, all the possibilities, while tying all the clinical evidence together is amazing. Dr. Perloff never assumes you have what is going around, she always performs a thorough assessment. I moved back to NY after 28 years. I was in the care of a VIP MD and wanted to continue; I met Dr Perloff. She was able to figure out a few extremely complex issues that have resolved. The referrals she made, which were many, were all A1 providers. Dr. Perloff reviews and coordinates all the reports and explains the results; together we make a plan to continue a path to health. Her brilliance coupled with compassion and empathy makes her a perfect medical provider for me. When Lana her assistant is there you are welcomed and feel better no matter ho sick you are. Her attention to the details of your life almost relieves white-coat syndrome. A visit at Dr. Perloff's can be like going to visit friends that care!