We have a Doctor, called Dr. Minton

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| March, 27 2020 | for Stephen M. Minton, MD

There is a well known Oriental saying:--"Who is the emperor now ruling over us?" or, even "What is the emperor?" The implication of such a phrase is that if an emperor is really a great man who can govern perfectly well the society and the nation, and the citizens are completely satisfied to the point that they tend to forget they have an emperor overruling them. Similarly, a good and kind doctor may do his job so well that the patient may often be unaware of, or take for granted, his special knowledge, skill and care.
Dr. Minton has been our (Vincent and Sue Lai) doctor for unknown number of years, perhaps even starting from his intern years. Now, we are probably the oldest couple of our street of about 25 (separated) households. Just as stated above , with the superior ability of Dr. Minton which seems coming out naturally, we have grown to this age without much difficulty and trouble. Now, we are here to celebrate Dr. Minton's great work which made us to reach this happy stage.