We need more Dr's like Dr Snook

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| March, 1 2018 | for Murray Snook, MD

I've been seeing Dr. Snook for over 10 years and he has seen me and my family grow. I enjoy being a patient of a dedicated doctor like him who actually cares about me and I'm just not another number. I grew up sick with asthma when I was a kid in the hospital every December, I remember spending birthdays in the hospital to these doctors I was just another number. One time I was being airlifted to a children's hospital and the doctor I had at the time said I was going to die to my parents. I've been through the ringer with crappy doctors and believe me when I found Dr Snook it was a blessing to have a doctor that cared. Today my asthma has gotten a lot better under Dr Snooks care I have had NO hospital stays. I honestly haven't called Dr. Snooks private number because i'm a private person but I know I could call Dr Snook up and chat and he has even told me Cole call me! My reply Doctor I don't want to be bothering you when you have a weekend for a break jesus, his reply call me!! This guy is a doctors doctor if there is a mans man and that sounds corny but man thank you for being a caring, compassionate, real human being who knows what they are doing and isn't scared to do the right thing in life. We need more Dr's like Dr Snook PERIOD

Thank you Dr!!