Weekend Car Accident

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| March, 12 2020 | for Martin J. Neilan, MD

One Saturday evening my wife and I were headed to meet family for a celebration. On the way...you guessed it...we had a serious car accident. Our car was hit from behind and sent across 3 lanes of the highway, hit the cement barrier head-on and traveled back 3 lanes to come to rest on the shoulder of the highway. We were taken to an emergency room and sent home very early the next morning. We were pretty banged up and I couldn't walk. We called Dr. Neilan. He was able to get me to an orthopedist on Monday morning. Karen, in the office, arranged for a private ambulance to pick me up and get me to the appointment. Soon I was scheduled for surgery to repair my knee. While I was in rehab Dr. Neilan visited several times to be sure every was going OK.

When we needed help, even on the weekend, Dr Neilan was able to smooth the way and saved us about a thousand stressful phone calls. He got the best orthopedic surgeon to fix my knee and I've never looked back.

Thanks to Dr. Neilan's and Karen's help we were able to make the best of bad situation!