"What a Difference MDVIP Dr. Karing Makes!"

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| March, 14 2020 | for Michael Karing, MD
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My 28-years-long doctor that I loved and trusted was retiring, so I knew I had to find a replacement. Taking into account that I was beginning to have minor memory issues, and knowing that Alzheimer's runs in my family, the search was on. My husband and I had already been studying a great deal about how nutrition and supplements can affect the brain. We also learned about Dr. Dale Bredesen, a world-renowned research scientist out of California, who believes Alzheimer's can be reversed.

After much research, my husband, who is my coach and biggest advocate, discovered Dr. Michael Karing, an internist in Euless, TX for over 20 years who is now also board certified in Holistic and Homeopathic medicine. Though 35 miles away, in heavy traffic, we met with and immediately knew that Dr. Karing was the doctor for us. He told us how, after attending a medical convention in California, he was intrigued with the new (to him) idea of functional medicine. This eventually led him to pursue and to become a part of this new wave of health care. He soon was convinced this would allow him to better help his patients who have memory issues. By delving into the root cause of their problems, he is now able to offer hope instead of prescribing meds to cover up their malady, now allowing them to once again have hope.

After being his patient now for ten months, my husband and I can both truly sing: "What a Difference MDVIP Dr. Karing Makes!" Dr. Karing always greets you with a smile and a true concern about your well-being. He is never rushed and he shares some of his personal life regarding nutrition, exercise, etc. He literally "walks the walk" of good health maintenance, thus setting the example for his patients.

Though we have now moved 700 miles away, I am still under his care. We talk on the phone and e-mail to stay abreast of my world. If I have need of blood work or other imaging needs, he sends in an order and I have the work done here locally, which in turn is directed back to him.

Thanks to Dr. Karing's expertise, knowledge, concern and attentive awareness; I can now truly sing my own version of "What a Difference a Day Makes":

“What a Difference [Dr. Karing] Makes”
"There's [now] a rainbow before me;
Skies above can't be stormy..."

...And the difference is finding my own MDVIP Dr. Michael V. Karing!