What a doctor should be

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| February, 12 2024 | for Matthew Brumbaugh, MD, MSW

Dr. Matthew Brumbaugh is my internist. He is an old fashioned doctor with extensive modern knowledge. He responds quickly to calls from me, listens and understands my issues taking into account my emotional, family as well as medical state in providing an answer in a calm pleasant manner. No question I ask or call I make to him is too silly or foolish. His medical knowledge is up-to-date and extensive and I am impressed how often I am able to avoid going to the E.R. or seeking a specialist. But he is not averse to obtain a referral and never sends a referral for which "he should have known the answer" (as one admiring referral MD told me about Dr. Brumbaugh). I have multiple medical problems for which I do visit a variety of medical specialists. At any time i need to contact him or have a routine office visit with him, he is never rushed. It is clear he has a thorough up-to-date knowledge of my recent visit with each of my specialty MDs.
In short, I do not just have a doctor because I need one, but I have one I want, like and respect. In this day and age that is rare and I feel very lucky.