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| March, 11 2020 | for Karen-Gail Brandse, MD
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I don't remember when Doctor Brandse became my doctor. It feels to be about 20 years give or take. I have asthma - as did my father and my sisters. I remember being a child and sitting up in bed at night, struggling to breath, knowing that was the only way I could. I knew what it was like to struggle to breath at a young age and so as I became an adult, it was my 'normal'. When I first met Doctor Brandse, I was using almost a canister of 'spray' a week. It wasn't preventative, it was meant to give immediate relief. Immediately, Doctor Brandse prescribed a series of medications that have impacted my life in such a positive way. Administered in the morning, asthma has become something I no longer think about. Over the years, Doctor Brandse, through our time together at appointments, has become familiar with my life. She knows about my family and of course the health challenges that come with the natural aging process. What I appreciate most about Doctor Brandse is that 'she knows me', understands my life and has always made herself available to provide care or sometimes - just give advice. With today's challenges in healthcare, Doctor Brandse is a reminder about what a 'doctor' should be. A caring doctor that 'knows me', understands my life and a reminder of what 'family' healthcare likely was during a much simpler time. Thank you Doctor Brandse!