Who knows you best, your own MDVIP doctor!!

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| March, 14 2020 | for Gregory Park, MD

I had been seeing Dr. Gregory Park for years, when he announced that he would be joining MDVIP. My late husband and I joined right away, because we did not want to lose his services. Shortly after joining, I experienced very severe stomach cramping and vomiting. My husband took me to the hospital, where I stayed for several days. They did not know what was wrong with me, and kept doing testing to find out. I had a spinal tap, multiple blood tests, X-rays, etc. The hospital doctors prescribed steroids, and I gained over 8 pounds!
They were convinced that I had leukemia or some other form of cancer. After several days of this, my husband called our MDVIP doctor, Dr. Gregory Park. He had not been informed that I was hospitalized, and he immediately came to the hospital, looked over my chart, examined me, and told the attending physician that I had an e-coli infection. He prescribed an antibiotic, and I was able to leave the hospital the following day.
Thank you, Dr. Park - You saved my life!