Without question I will continue on with Dr. Rayner and MDVIP.

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| March, 18 2018 | for Richard M. Rayner, MD

When Dr. Rayner first informed me about his intention to move to the new MDVIP program -- and the cost to me -- I was extremely hesitant. I love the guy but, geez, even more money on top of my already astronomical self-employed health insurance, I think not. Ultimately I decided to give it a try for one year. Am I ever glad I did.

I started the program in June 2017. In July my son and his then fiance' came home to be married. First, she fell ill. I called Dr Rayner (who was on vacation) and we got her sorted out. The next day my son became ill. Once again spoke with Dr. Rayner and got him sorted. The wedding went off without a hitch the following day.

My Mother, also a patient of Dr. Rayner's, became ill while I was away in August. My siblings arranged for her to see him the same day. I called Dr. Rayner to see what was happening and if I should come home (she is afterall, 82 years of age and my Mother!). He filled me in and assured me no reason to return early. Recently we were concerned she might have the flu. Called and received a same day appointment. He put on back on the right path. He text me a few days later to see how she was doing.

My son came home for a visit in February and had been feeling unwell for too long and I wasn't happy with the care he was getting. Yep, called Dr. Rayner. He is being sorted out now.

There are more incidents along these lines but, you get the story. When I/we need him, he is there. He cares enough about what is going on to call or text for an update. On a recent follow-up appointment with my Mother we joking decided he needs to block my phone number (he, of course, never would!).

You may be wondering why the above is all about others and nothing about me.
I have been fortunate not to have the need to see Dr. Rayner for an illness. I recently had my physical, however. My point is this, every penny of the MDVIP cost has been well spent. Dr. Rayner has always been there. He knows ME, health related and as a person. He knows my Mother and now my son. He doesn't treat and forget until he reads your chart the next time. He cares.

Without question I will continue on with Dr. Rayner and MDVIP.