Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

Internal Medicine
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Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As your physician partner, we will work together to identify your health goals and help you achieve them. Good health is one of our greatest wealths, and my goal is to keep you as healthy as possible throughout the many stages of your life. Acute and chronic illness and disease are unfortunately a part of being human, and I will personally work with you through these problems in a compassionate and caring fashion. Medicine and healthcare are constantly evolving, and it is very important to me that my patients receive the most current and relevant information from all over the world, realizing that not all of the answers reside in traditional Western medicine. My master’s degree in public health focused on clinical effectiveness - concerned with identifying the most appropriate, ethical and cost-effective means of providing healthcare through prevention, early detection and customized treatment. This is still my focus which allows me to continue helping my patients live the healthy, active lives they deserve.

Dr. Trojanovich's Credentials

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Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine
Boston, MA
Research Fellow in Medicine 2009-2011

Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine
Cincinnati, OH
Internal Medicine 2005-2007
Chief Medical Resident 2007-2008

Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine
Cincinnati, OH
Internal Medicine 2004-2005

Medical School:
University of Colorado, School of Medicine
Denver, CO
Doctorate of Medicine 2004

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA
Master of Medical Science 2000
Harvard School of Public Health
Boston, MA
Master of Public Health 2011

University of Colorado
Boulder, CO
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1996

American Board of Internal Medicine
Boulder Community Health
Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine Residency, Intern of the Year 2004-2005
Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine Residency, Senior Resident of the Year 2006-2007
Active Admitting Physician, Boulder Community Health, Internal Medicine 2011-present
Medical Executive Committee At-Large Member, Boulder Community Health 2015
American College of Physicians
Society of General Internal Medicine
Colorado Medical Society
Boulder County Medical Society

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Trojanovich

from Martin in CO March 29, 2024 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

The best moment that comes to mind is a camping trip a few years ago. After arriving at the campground, 400 miles from home, I realized I had forgotten an important medication. After trying to go without the medication for a couple of days, I knew I would have trouble driving home across three high Colorado mountain passes, and negotiating the winding roads, while towing a 23 foot trailer.… See more

from Lynn in CO March 13, 2024 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

Dr. T is a kind, caring, and knowledgeable physician. He listens and talks about what is going on with me. He is up to date on what is going on in the medical world and my health. I am extremely happy with him and his staff and the care I receive. I recommend him constantly.

from Ann in CO February 29, 2024 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

A few months ago I had a cast on my left hand that was driving me crazy. I called Dr. Trojanovich around 4:30 on Friday night to ask for help in easing my discomfort. Not only did he tell me to come out to histhe office even though the weekend was around the corner. He took a look at my problem, made a phone call to find a colleague who had the right kind of saw to remove a portion of my… See more

from Lynn in CO February 22, 2024 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

I have been a patient of Dr. Trojanovich's since the day he became my MDVIP Doctor. I am very happy with my care and the knowledge he has to provide above and beyond care. I recommend him to everyone.

from Randolph in CO February 12, 2024 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

Dr. Trojanovich has always listened to my concerns and attempted to investigate the concern or problem immediately or find a solution to the problem at hand. One example of my concerns is my very high cholesterol that was one of the causes of my heart problems. After trying several anti cholesterol drugs with some effect, but not enough of an effect he started a collaboration with my… See more

from Jane and Don in CO February 11, 2024 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

After every experience we have had with Doctor Trojanovich whether a routine physical or a medical issue that required his attention, we always have the feeling that we are very grateful and fortunate that he is our doctor. He takes time, answers every question and researches for us and makes the referrals we need. He is smart, caring and always has time for us and feels like a friend as well… See more

from David in CO February 11, 2024 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

Dr. Christopher Trojonavich is the greatest doctor I've ever met in my 76+ years. He's also one of the smartest and most committed people I've ever known. It's been a real blessing for me to have him as my primary care provider. I can't imagine a better doctor or person. 

from Constance in CO February 10, 2024 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH
Image provided by: Constance

I love my Dr , because he always LISTENS to me.!!!When ever I go into the office I have to tell you he will always take the time and have me explain and then really really listens to me. I never feel rushed and he takes his time to explain what procedures I need to do and to follow. My doctor will follow up and make sure that whatever he has prescribed I have taken and then he continues to… See more

New research included in the book "Compassionomics" shows that health outcomes improve when doctors are more compassionate and spend more time with patients. It also makes the doctor happier in his or her work — helping lower the possibility of burnout.

Doctor Christopher Trojanovich is… See more