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Internal Medicine
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Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As your physician partner, we will work together to identify your health goals and help you achieve them. Good health is one of our greatest wealths, and my goal is to keep you as healthy as possible throughout the many stages of your life. Acute and chronic illness and disease are unfortunately a part of being human, and I will personally work with you through these problems in a compassionate and caring fashion. Medicine and healthcare are constantly evolving, and it is very important to me that my patients receive the most current and relevant information from all over the world, realizing that not all of the answers reside in traditional Western medicine. My master’s degree in public health focused on clinical effectiveness - concerned with identifying the most appropriate, ethical and cost-effective means of providing healthcare through prevention, early detection and customized treatment. This is still my focus which allows me to continue helping my patients live the healthy, active lives they deserve.

Dr. Trojanovich's Credentials

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Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine
Boston, MA
Research Fellow in Medicine 2009-2011

Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine
Cincinnati, OH
Internal Medicine 2005-2007
Chief Medical Resident 2007-2008

Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine
Cincinnati, OH
Internal Medicine 2004-2005

Medical School:
University of Colorado, School of Medicine
Denver, CO
Doctorate of Medicine 2004

Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA
Master of Medical Science 2000
Harvard School of Public Health
Boston, MA
Master of Public Health 2011

University of Colorado
Boulder, CO
Bachelor of Arts, Biology 1996

American Board of Internal Medicine
Boulder Community Health
Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine Residency, Intern of the Year 2004-2005
Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine Residency, Senior Resident of the Year 2006-2007
Active Admitting Physician, Boulder Community Health, Internal Medicine 2011-present
Medical Executive Committee At-Large Member, Boulder Community Health 2015
American College of Physicians
Society of General Internal Medicine
Colorado Medical Society
Boulder County Medical Society

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Trojanovich

from tim in CO March 18, 2020 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

I was in Cuba and in finishing a wreck/ shark dive got back on shore and found half of my face was numb and couldn't walk. ( the bends) I was put into an ambulance and rushed 2 hours to the nearest airport and then 2 hour Russian helicopter ride to nearest decompression chamber for an 8 hr re compression treatment. In the midst of all this was able to call Dr Trojanovich talk thru the… See more

from James Marcus in DE March 14, 2020 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH
Image provided by: James Marcus

Whether I text him from some remote part of the globe, call him on a weekend evening, or meet him in a parking lot, Dr. Trojanovich is always there with practical and professional wisdom, a near Mozart-like ability to diagnose, and a wit that just makes me want to hang out with him. My issues always seem to be "zebras" instead of "horses", but he figures them out. A fantastic internist. Thanks… See more

from Chrissy in CO March 12, 2020 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

For many years, I was incredibly ill but dismissed many times over by numerous physicians. In October 2016, I was admitted to the hospital with a life-threatening illness. Despite having little room in his practice, Dr. Trojanovich agreed to take me on as a patient. His advocacy and compassion enabled me to form a team of specialists who have worked together to restore my health. Dr. T didn’t… See more

from David in CO March 11, 2020 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

Dr. Trojonavich is the greatest doctor I've ever had in my 72 years. He's also the most knowledgeable physician I've ever experienced. When I'm anxious about my health he's patient and always calms me down and then somehow can always know what to do. On the rare occassions I don't take something as seriously as I should he gives me comprehensive information and explains what I need to do. I… See more

from john in CO March 2, 2020 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

Dr T, is one smart doc. and he is always on time . you wait maybe 5 to 10 minutes. Also he spends as much time as you want too discussing ones health.. His staff is up beat and professional, a great office. 

from David in CO February 28, 2020 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

I'm 72 years old and had too many doctors to remember how many I have seen. I can unequivocally say that Dr. Trojonavich is the greatest doctor I've ever had. He's brilliant, patient and the most informed physician I've ever experienced. Words can't truly express my gratitude to him. David Groobman.

from Ingrid in CO March 23, 2018 for Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

I have generally good health, and I credit it partly to Dr. Trojanovich's good advice and his strong interest in the processes of the body. He answers questions in depth, and his manner is so congenial that I feel comfortable asking questions to further my own knowledge. In a pinch, he has done lab work, and he is as good at it as anyone! I am very pleased to be his patient.

New research included in the book "Compassionomics" shows that health outcomes improve when doctors are more compassionate and spend more time with patients. It also makes the doctor happier in his or her work — helping lower the possibility of burnout.

Doctor Christopher Trojanovich is… See more