H. Douglas Holliday, MD

Internal Medicine
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

One patient at a time with one goal in mind: keep my patients healthy. Predict health issues before they arise; treat current problems aggressively; walk the terminally ill through their passage to the end. Our health is a precious asset that needs nurturing and constant reassessment. My ideal is to maintain that personal touch in a world of ever expanding technology. Relationships are crucial in medicine and my objective is to know every patient personally and to foster those relationships as we both go forward in our journeys. Respecting each patient's unique perspective and helping to guide the patient in making the best choices. Oh, and remember: “always think outside the box”.

Dr. Holliday's Credentials

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Vanderbilt University Associated Hospitals
Nashville, TN
Internal Medicine 1977-1979

Vanderbilt University Associated Hospitals
Nashville, TN

Medical School:
Vanderbilt University Medical School
Nashville, TN
Doctorate of Medicine 1976

Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN
Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry 1971
Minor in Biology and Physics
Cum Laude

American Board of Internal Medicine
St. Thomas Hospital
Vanderbilt University
- Assistant Clinical Professor Physical Diagnosis, Department of Internal Medicine 1980-2000
West End Medical Group
- Medical Director 2011-2012
Torulopsis glabrata endocarditis; H. Douglas Holliday, MD, Vincent Keipper, MD, Allen B. Kaiser, MD; JAMA November 7, 1980; Volume 244, Number 18
Accretion rate of carotid wall thickness before disease; A. S. Callahan III, MD, Michael Szarek, PhD, John W. Patton, MD, Anne-Sophie Sillesen, Abrill Jones, BS, Keith Churchwell, MD and H. Douglas Holliday, MD; 2012
American Medical Association
Southern Medical Association
Walk Strong Foundation 2011-present
from Treva March 30, 2017 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD

I had always used a female physician all of my life. I felt very at ease with her. My daughter told me about her doctor that she had had several years and how much she trusted him and that he was in the new program mdvip. She explained the concept and I decided to try. The first meeting last appro. 2 hours which I had never been give such good attention. He first talk to me about my… See more

from Kathleen March 30, 2017 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD

Dr Holliday's availability has been amazing and reminds me of History and how it used to be when you could pick up the phone and get help with your concerns.
His office staff has been incredible.
Not many doctors in this world comparable to him.

from Shalane March 24, 2017 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD

I just love Dr Douglas Holliday, I was born with 2 holes in my heart, I have had 20 surgery's over my life time. And now having a pacemaker and oxygen for the rest of my life. And also sleep apnea, I appreciate all the testsand time Dr Holliday takes and spends with me to explain my problems and to deal with my depression. He's a wonderful doctor and a great dear friend to talk to… See more

from Emmma in TN March 1, 2014 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD

Hope I can be included because I forgot the cutoff date! Doc is special to me as welll as Deb for a number of reasons not the least of which is they are my friends. Doc is an extraordinary listener and has never failed in helping me even while on a duck hunt in Louisiana, Ithink! At my husband's death in 2006,, they came some 40 miles west to visitation and most recently, assisted me… See more

from Faye in TN February 26, 2014 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD

Dr. Holliday & his front office girl, Debbie, who is also his wife & a big part of his team, make my health care so easy. I can email or call with a concern or question & get immediate attention. MDVIP is very fortunate to have Dr. Holliday join them, as he not only provides individualized, personal care, but stays abreast of new trends & ideas in the world of medicine. He can… See more

from Lillie and Frankie in TN February 18, 2014 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD


Hard-working and hilarious (at times)
Amicable/extremely accessible
Youthful spirit

Dr. Douglas Holliday is not only our physician but our doctor and our friend. He treats the patient as… See more

from Donny & Mary in TN February 15, 2014 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD

Dr. Holliday is a very caring and concerned Doctor. We are blessed of the Lord to have him as our Dr. He knows what he is doing and has helped get my diabetes under control and my blood pressure also.
Dr. Holliday listens and explains things well.

from Reba and Russ in TN February 11, 2014 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD

The first time I met Doc, he and Dr. Miller were out front of the Bellevue office planting a tree. That was close to 35 years ago. We are getting old! I have never needed him when I did not get connected to him in some way. When Russ had his last surgery, he was in Argentina hunting ducks and I think he spent more time texting me that he did shooting ducks. Even with his weird sense of humor… See more

from Lawson in TN February 11, 2014 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD

Doug Holiday is the bet doctor I have ever had.
He is simply the best at what he does.

from Edward in KY February 6, 2014 for H. Douglas Holliday, MD

I trust Dr Holliday not only as my Dr but also a friend and I appreciate the way he really cares for his patients. Thanks Dr Holliday.

Annual Membership Fee

450.00per quarter
900.00per semi-annual
1,800.00per year