Edward A. Carrington, MD

Family Medicine
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Edward A. Carrington, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

In my MDVIP-affiliated practice my patients and I are able to enjoy close partnerships where we have adequate time to spend together discussing issues and concerns that go beyond what brings them into the office. The cornerstone of my practice is the MDVIP Wellness Program which allows me to proactively care for my patients when they are well and when they are sick. I am able to work with them 365 days a year to provide the type of care and attention that will improve their entire lives. I feel fortunate to be able to provide my patients with the most thorough and comprehensive medical care and services available.

Dr. Carrington's Credentials

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Royal Alexandra Hospital
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Surgery, Obstetrician/Gynecologist 1969-1970

Royal Alexandra Hospital
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Medical School:
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Doctorate of Medicine 1968

University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Pre-med 1964

American Board of Family Practice
Banner Desert Hospital
Top Doc, Phoenix Magazine 1995, 2002-2009
Best Doctors in America® 2011-2013
Desert Physician Association, Board of Directors 1998-present
Desert Samaritan Medical Center
- Continuing Member, Family Practice Committee 1978-2002
- Chairman, Family Practice Committee 1980-1981
- Chairman, Utilization Review Board 1979
American Academy of Family Practice
from leon in AZ March 23, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD

Dr. Carrington is not only a tremendous health care professional, but simply a fantastic human being and friend. He has been my family doctor for nearly 40 years. I can't find the words that describes how much he has meant to me in guiding my health decisions, but also as a dear friend and confidant. I look forward to our continuing doctor - patience relationship and the leadership he… See more

from Donna in AZ March 8, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD

Dr Carrington is always very professional. He listens to everything I tell him. I feel comfortable talking to him about anything. He is also very compassionate and understanding. When ever I see him about a problem he takes his time and works with me until the condition is fixed. My husband and I always joke with him which also makes it easier to talk to him. I have no intention of… See more

from Car; in AZ March 6, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD

We have been going to Dr Carrington for 40 years and appreciate him more all of the time. God has blessed our family with good health and it was though Dr. Carringtion that we have received these blessings. Thank you Dr. Carrington

from Alice Joan in AZ March 6, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD

I have been a long time patient of Dr Carringtons...he has always shown compassion and understanding creating a bond of trust in his abilities...through the years with many ups and downs, he has always been there with just the right medical advise...he is simply the best.

from Judith in AZ March 4, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD

I have been a patient of Dr . Carringtons for over 20 years. Everyone should be so lucky

from Sue and Bill in AZ March 1, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD
Image provided by: Sue and Bill

Bill and I have been Dr. Carrington's patients for many years, long before he became a MDVIP doctor. We appreciate his attention to our specific health concerns and works with us to help us maintain relatively good health. Dr. Carrington and his staff are caring and friendly. We feel welcome when we go to the office, even when our medical concerns are small and the office is busy with… See more

from Uma in AZ March 1, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD

I was referred to Dr. Carrington in 1985 by my current physician, who was retiring. It's been (twice) a life saving association with Dr. Carrington, who 'caught' my breast cancer in 1991, and then again in 2011. I am thankful for the 33+ years of (personal and) medical association that has developed between my family and Dr. Carrington. I am very glad that he was offered to… See more

from Fred in AZ February 28, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD

Dr. Carrington has motivated me with his good council and sound medical knowledge to exercise and eat a more healthy died. I feel better and stronger than I did when i was 25 years younger. I will always listen to his advice and do my best to practice the suggestions he provides.

from Bobette in AZ February 27, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD
Image provided by: Bobette

Thank you so much for your excellent care through all the years

from Robert in AZ February 26, 2018 for Edward A. Carrington, MD

The only way I can see that you wouldn't be my doctor in the future would be if you retired or I died. You are that good, and I recognize it.
--Bob C.