Eric A. Huerter, MD

Internal Medicine
1112 West 6th Street Suite 214
Lawrence, KS 66044 Get Directions
Eric A. Huerter, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

It's my great honor and pleasure to wear the title of "my doctor". I enjoy getting to know each individual patient and taking time to learn their health goals and concerns. With that understanding we can work together on a shared agenda for achieving and maintaining wellness.

Dr. Huerter's Credentials

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Emory University
Atlanta, GA
Internal Medicine 1997-1999

Emory University
Atlanta, GA

Medical School:
University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City, KS
Doctorate of Medicine 1996

Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA
Bachelor of Science, Biopsychology 1992
Dean's List
Boston College Honors Program

American Board of Internal Medicine
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
Dean’s List, Boston College 1988-1992
Boston College Honor’s Program, Boston College 1988-1992
Medical Director, Pioneer Ridge Nursing Home 2001-present
Medical Director, Community Living Opportunities 2002-present
Board of Directors, Lawrence Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees 2013-present
Chief of Medical Staff, Lawrence Memorial Hospital 2014-2015
Neurophysiology of Maternal Behavior 1991-1992

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Testimonials from patients of Dr. Huerter

from Zachary in KS March 29, 2020 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

I have encountered a variety of challenging mental and physical health problems throughout my 43 years of life, and throughout that time I've met and worked with countless physicians of all types. I have my share of "horror stories," or encounters with really awful, uncompassionate and incompetent people in the medical profession. And while I've also had positive… See more

from Marcia in KS March 14, 2020 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

We cannot express our gratitude or appreciation enough towards Dr. Eric Huerter. He has been the primary care physician for my husband's parents since December, 2019, and the difference in the quality of their health care has been amazing. He is responsive, professional and caring. He treats them with respect and a sense of humor while exploring solutions to their health issues. He has… See more

from Marilyn in KS March 13, 2020 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

I like Dr. Huerter, think he is a great Doctor and has always been when I have needed help.

from Andrea in KS March 12, 2020 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

Like most of us, I have had no need to heroic services by Dr. Huerter. But he has always be prompt about responding, seeing me as necessary, and offering good advice about a host of things and searches for solutions to other pesky issues. I find his prompt response to inquiries most helpful because I seldom have time from the time I've typed an email before I've had a response--… See more

from Dan in KS March 11, 2020 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

Having Dr. Huerter as my primary care physician has been a wonderful experience, making it almost fun to visit the doctor! He always has the time to listen and to provide various choices for treatment. The time he takes to go over the results of the annual wellness evaluation is very valuable for me, now being 77 years of age. He explains the results in lay terms but I never get the feeling… See more

from BILL April 4, 2017 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

I have found Dr.. Huerter to be timely in his follow through via phone or personal appointments and in requesting any lab work.
I feel comfortable in communicating any medical concern to him and respect and appreciate his candor, compassion, sensitivity and expertise for a diagnosis.
and/or treatment.

from Daniel March 29, 2017 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

I very much appreciate that Dr. Huerter always is happy to spend time to talk about my health, and it is clear that he really does care about me as a person and a patient. I especially like the fact that he will explain the results of my yearly evaluation at a level far beyond what I have experienced previously. At my age It is a comfort to know that he is there should serious issues arise. In… See more

from Mary March 29, 2017 for Eric A. Huerter, MD
User submitted photo

The first word that comes to my mind is TRUST.) Eric Huerter is a Doctor I trust completely. He has been interrupted on his vacations & days off by me. He is always concerned and checks on me frequently. This man is the kindest, most wonderful man in the world. I am 66 and know my body pretty well. He always believes me when I tell him that there is something wrong. He never doubts me, and… See more

from Richard March 27, 2017 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

Dr. Hurter is very personable and thorough. Takes the time and effort to explain in detail his diagnosis. He schedules a variety of Seminars regarding how to improve your Health and how to stay Healthy. I am Extremely satisfied with his services.

from April March 25, 2017 for Eric A. Huerter, MD

Can't tell you how wonderful Dr. Huerter is!
My dad told Dr. Huerter that he had lunch with the New York City Rockettes years ago. When Dr. Huerter was on vacation in NYC, he texted me a picture of the Rockettes billboard and hoped he would be able to have lunch with them as well. We both got a kick out of that! So thoughtful, even when he was on vacation. He is on my speed dial… See more

An MDVIP-affiliated internist with Reed Medical Group, Dr. Eric Huerter, says adult children—with the help of physicians—can gain a better understanding of their aging parents’ behavior and overall health. “If their problems are mild, sometimes they just need… See more