Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

Internal Medicine
3180 North Point Parkway Suite 303
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Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Of greatest importance to me is the well-being of my patients. I believe in efforts toward preventive medical care, striving to keep patients off medications if possible. When medications, medical technology or referral to medical specialists is necessary, I realize that careful consideration to choose only the best for my patients is of paramount importance. I work very hard to nurture an effective doctor-patient relationship and gain a great deal of joy from sharing laughter with my patients.

Jacqueline Pearson's Alpharetta, GA Office

Jacqueline Pearson's Alpharetta, GA Office

Dr. Pearson's Credentials

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Medical College of Georgia
Augusta, GA
Internal Medicine 1996-1998

Shands Hospital, University of Florida
Gainesville, FL

Medical School:
University of Florida, College of Medicine
Gainesville, FL
Doctorate of Medicine 1995
Graduated with Honors in Research

University of Florida
Gainesville, FL
Master of Science, Exercise and Sport Sciences 1990

Utica College of Syracuse University
Utica, NY
Bachelor of Science, Biology 1988
Phi Epsilon Omega International Honor Society

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
MedX Strength Testing Certification, University of Florida, College of Medicine
Northside Hospital
Gwinnett Medical Center
Piedmont Atlanta Hospital
Albert J. King Award for Excellence in Medical Research 1992
Tucci, J., Carpenter, D., Pollock M., Graves, J. & Leggett, S. "Effect of reduced frequency training and detraining on lumbar extension strength."Spine17(120): 1497-1501 1992
Carpenter, D., Tucci, J., Pollock, M., Graves, J. & Mananquil, R. "Effect of repositioning on interday reliability of lateral lumbar spine bone measurements using the dual energy X-ray absorptiometry." Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 24(5): S6
Pollock, M., Garzarella, L., Graves, J. Carpenter, D., Leggett, S., Lowenthal, D., Fulton, M., Foster, D., Tucci, J. & Mananquil, R. "Effects of isolated lumbar extension resistance training on bone mineral density of the elderly" Medicine and Science in Sports and Exe

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Pearson

from Susan in GA August 26, 2020 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

There truly are no words that can express my gratefulness to have Dr. Jacqueline Pearson as my physician. She has been a part of my healthcare for the past 17 years, and she has never let me down. She continues to provide the Best of the Best compared to any other physician in the Atlanta Metro Atlanta. It begins from the Reception, the Medical Assistant, and then to Dr. Pearson. Her staff… See more

from Pat in GA March 30, 2020 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD
Image provided by: Pat

Having been a patient of Dr. Pearson prior to her becoming part of the MDVIP program, I knew, if at all possible, I wanted her to continue to be my PCP. I liked the way she handled my care with concern for ME. What I was pleased to discover is as a MDVIP doctor she now is able to afford ME even more time and a deeper level of care. Last year for the first time in many years, I suffered from… See more

from Betsy in IL March 22, 2020 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD
Image provided by: Betsy

Dr. Pearson has been my doctor for over 10 years. She knows me & my family very well. This past summer (maybe earlier) I started to feel not myself health wise. She was monitoring me and when I had my annual physical in January my blood work showed that I was very anemic. She immediately called me and told me I needed a colonoscopy and an endoscopy to see where I was bleeding. I… See more

from Dorothy in GA March 14, 2020 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

I have been going to Dr Pearson for several years, she has always been very detailed thorough. I have medical reports from my OB-GYN, Breast Care, Optometrists, Gastrointestinal Doctors so Dr Pearson is aware of my complete medical history. I really love the focus of preventive and holistic medicine and living a healthy life style Dr Pearson practices. I really appreciate receiving the… See more

from Linda in GA March 12, 2020 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

My husband and I had been seeing Dr Pearson for years before she joined MDVIP. We loved her but felt like we couldn’t justify the concierge fee, especially for two. It took a couple of years with other doctors to realize how wrong we’d been. Dr. Pearson has made us feel like we really matter to her and we feel very confident with her medical guidance. As a psychologist, calling a person… See more

from Lee in GA March 12, 2020 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD
Image provided by: Lee

When we moved to GA from MI 14 years ago, my Drs. in MI recommended that once I got settled I should call Northside hospital to get a list of Drs. who were in the area I lived. They sent me a few names and Dr. Pearson was one on the list. I called up and made an appt. and from the first day I met Dr. Pearson I knew I was going to be in great hands. Dr. Pearson takes the time and listens to you… See more

from Jacqueline in GA March 12, 2020 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

Many years ago, just shortly after joining MDVIP, Dr. Jacqueline Pearson saw me without an appointment due to my extreme weakness and dizziness. She ran some bloodwork while I went back to work. Within the hour she called me and told me in her soft sweet but convincing manner to go immediately to the hospital. The emergency room was waiting for me and that I would be getting a transfusion… See more

from Phyllis in GA March 10, 2020 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD
Image provided by: Phyllis

I have been with Dr. Pearson for several years now. She treats me like it was my first visit every time I step into the office. Dr. Pearson is personable and oh my goodness so detailed in an excellent way! I know that nothing will be missed with my health. A year ago I started bringing my High School daughter to Dr. Pearson. I want my daughter to have the very best. This is why she too loves… See more

from Shirley in GA March 19, 2018 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

I am very grateful to have found Dr. Pearson. She has been my physician for many years and I followed her into the MDVIP program. She is knowledgeable, thorough and considerate of one's time. She's not only friendly but a friend and I trust her to be a true advocate for me. It's comforting to know she'll be there if I need her.
Thank you Dr. Pearson for all that… See more