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from Rosely in DE October 6, 2020 for Scott J. Schaeffer, MD

Dr. Schaeffer is attentive, passionate, nurturing, humorous, reassuring, trustworthy, wise and has great communication skills. Whenever there is a test made he makes sure he either calls us at home or has one of his office personal give us the results. He has always treated all of us in our family as we were one of his own. He treated our Grandma for years until she passed 5 years ago at the… See more

from Thomas in DE October 6, 2020 for Scott J. Schaeffer, MD

I recently was alerted to the fact of Dr. Schaeffer being designated as the top doctor of this area.
I am not surprised, he is a very caring and intelligent, practical doctor who always has the care of his patients at the forefront.
I have been with Scott for more than 25years, and this is the reason.
Please let him know. I will also congratulate him when I see him.

from Toni in TX October 6, 2020 for Amy Thomas, MD

My mother is 98 years old. She was exposed to Covid by one of her caregivers. Dr. Thomas came to my mother’s home to test her for Covid. My mother made it through the 14 days without symptoms. After the fourteen day waiting period was over, Dr. Thomas came back to my mother’s home to give her a flu shot. Dr. Thomas is an outstanding physician!!!!

from Don in DE October 6, 2020 for Scott J. Schaeffer, MD

I don't have a story ... but it is refreshing to go to the doctors office ... at your appointed time and be in with the Dr. Shaffer within 10 minutes
He is extremely good at his job ... and always puts me at ease
He is a credit to is profession
I am a busy President of a company and I appreciate .. he caring about my time See more

from William in TX September 8, 2020 for Edwin R. Duppstadt, MD, DABFM
Image provided by: William

The date was February 2nd, 2009, it was my first appointment with Dr. Edwin Duppstadt and after my visit, I knew it wouldn't be my last. I was 67 and like too many men my age I had chronic hypertension, a heart attack, two stents, high cholesterol and an undisciplined diet. I’ve had several “primary care” doctors over the years, but on that first visit Dr. Duppstadt gave me something… See more

from Linda in LA September 7, 2020 for Gunjan Raina, MD

I have been seeing the same doctor for years and felt like we were stuck in a circle with nothing new at each visit. I finally decided to make Dr. Raina my PCP. She cares about all of you. My first appointment we just talked. She asked several questions and knew how I was feeling at that time and made some medication changes. I went in next for my blood work and then my report. It was pretty… See more

from Carol in PA September 2, 2020 for Ralph A. Lanza, MD, FACP

I have been going to Dr. Lanza since before he was an MDVIP doc. I think I can honestly say that all of us who are his patients think he is the absolutely best doc in the world and we all think he treats each of us as if we are his only and most important patient. He is the most amazing physician I have ever met both in expertise and bedside manner and true sincere caring about his patients.… See more

from Susan in GA August 26, 2020 for Jacqueline T. Pearson, MD

There truly are no words that can express my gratefulness to have Dr. Jacqueline Pearson as my physician. She has been a part of my healthcare for the past 17 years, and she has never let me down. She continues to provide the Best of the Best compared to any other physician in the Atlanta Metro Atlanta. It begins from the Reception, the Medical Assistant, and then to Dr. Pearson. Her staff is… See more

from Thomas in NY August 11, 2020 for Laura Hamilton, MD

Dr. Hamilton is very patient, easy to talk to. and always takes what ever time is necessary to address any of my concerns. She has given excellent referrals when necessary for special situations. Dr. Hamilton is a very caring person and is very thorough when performing exams. I hope I never have to changer Doctors ! ! ! Thank You Dr. Hamilton.

from Shelly in CA August 10, 2020 for Jeannine Laramie, MD

Sonya Mayo is amazing! Having my blood taken for lab work is a very calming experience because Sonya takes the time to be reasuring and encouraging. It is always difficult to have my blood drawn and with the experience Sonya brings to the table she completes the job timely and efficiently. Sonya always has a smile and words of loving kindness evertime I go into MDVIP. Dr Laramie is also an… See more

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