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from Ginger in GA June 2, 2021 for John A. Drummond, MD

Dr. Drummond has been my physician for well over 20 years and although I wish him and Anne happiness in this next stage of their lives, he will be missed in so many ways. He was always there when I needed him, whether it was after a hip surgery when he checked up on me and caught something that my surgeon had missed that substantially improved my ability to heal quickly and safely or insisting… See more

from STEVEN in FL May 29, 2021 for Earl C. Lysaker, Jr, MD, FACP

In my initial visit, Dr. Lysacker’s exam was more extensive than any other medical exam that I have had by any other physician in the past 20 years.
Dr. Lysaker’s persona coupled with his quick wit, added to his excellent “bedside manner”.
The office personnel were equally as warm, accommodating, and professional.

from Paul in FL May 26, 2021 for Robin A. Braver, MD

I have and continue to go through some trying times due to sustained illness challenges my wife has...from severe arthritis 20 surgeries, to pancreatic cancer, to dementia.
Dr Braver “Gets It”! No matter how despondent I’ve been, she finds a way to keep me upbeat with her compassion and total understanding. Her memory is nothing short of remarkable, remembering details of her patients… See more

from Cherie in FL May 26, 2021 for Robin A. Braver, MD

Congratulations Dr. Braver for the recognition of "top doctor". I appreciate the time you spend in reviewing my annual lab report to ensure I receive all the information I need to lead a strong and healthy life. Your approach to wellness care continues to make an impact on my approach to staying healthy. Thank you for all you do. See more

from Cheryl in FL May 26, 2021 for Robin A. Braver, MD

Dr. Braver definitely deserved to receive the title of Top Doctor. She has been my physician and friend for many years. Although, I am not the type of patient who constantly communicates with her doctor, I know that she is there for me when needed. She inspires me to follow a healthier routine and as I continue to age I am comforted by the knowledge that she and her staff will provide quality… See more

from Jeff in FL May 25, 2021 for Paige E. Morris, MD

When I was diagnosed with Covid-19 and double pneumonia in July, my MDVIP Physician proved to be a lifesaver--literally.
Dr. Paige Morris became my quarterback when I was hospitalized and sent to ICU where I stayed for 40 days.
Not only did Dr. Morris see me everyday--including weekends and during a hurricane---she was available via phone and text to answer my questions and provide… See more

from Andrew in FL May 25, 2021 for Robin A. Braver, MD

Dr. Braver instills confidence in me that I am completely taken care of medically. You know she cares about the whole person and their well being both in the short term and long term. She is an exceptional person.

from Victoria in FL May 25, 2021 for Paige E. Morris, MD

Dr Paige Morris is wonderful in so many ways. She has fabulous clinical experience, medical knowledge and judgement as well as a kindness that helps alleviate anxiety. Dr Morris listens and her door is always open. Plus she sees her patients daily at hospital if they’re admitted. She rounds at Bethesda East and the nurses there love working with her which says a lot.
She’s simply the… See more

from Irshad in IL May 23, 2021 for Anthony W. DeLorenzo, DO

Dr. DeLorenzo recommended colonoscopy ten years ago but I did not want it. My excuse was that it was clumsy and I had no problem with
my bowel movement. But last year Dr. DeLorenzo was more concerned because of his experience with previous patients and he persuaded me to get a Colloguard test. The test was done in August 2020. The result was positive. So colonoscopy was done which should a… See more

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