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from Louise September 28, 2019 for Sarah Morris, MD, FACP

I think your staff is great! I love those Ladies...all three of them! They are friendly, compassionate, efficient and professional. A lot of times the staff doesn't reflect the great qualities of the doctor...but your staff definitely takes their cue from you, Dr. Morris! :-) See more

from Shirley September 26, 2019 for Sarah Morris, MD, FACP

Dr. Sarah Morris and her staff are wonderful. There is never a wait. The staff is great, very attentive and helpful. If I call things get handled fast and with efficiency. Dr. Morris is very plugged in. She takes her time to explain everything and she listens. The best doctor I've ever had. See more

from Tim September 20, 2019 for Steven R. Ruderman, MD, FACP

My Doctor, Steven Ruderman MD, and his staff are fantastic, and could not be more professional and attentive. As a late 50's male, I have many years of experience with doctors and their staff. No office comes close to matching the quality of Dr. Ruderman and his staff. Dr. Ruderman has not only helped to heal me and my family, he has actively prevented us from needing additional care… See more

from Leopoldo September 19, 2019 for Patricia W. Hermogenes, MD

Dr. Hermogenes is extremely attentive and interested in better any health problem I may have.....best service I ever experienced....

from Teresa September 19, 2019 for Patricia W. Hermogenes, MD

great experience, Dr. Hermogenes offers a unique partnership...

from Janet September 19, 2019 for Eric Dunlop, DO

I've been with Dr. Dunlop for several years, and what I appreciate is the time that he spends explaining my tests results. He gives several tests in his office that I have found other doctors don't here in SLO. His staff keeps me reminded of my appointments. I know that MDVIP is costly, but I will go wherever Dr. Dunlop practices at. See more

from Roxanne September 19, 2019 for John Slattery, MD

I am AMAZED by the time & attention giving to me by Dr. Slattery. My health has improved immensely while in his care.
I have so much confidence in Dr Slattery & LOVE the fact that he offers advice regarding exercise, diet, preventive care !!
Anyone who has Slattery is LUCKY

from Lynn September 19, 2019 for Jane Z. Cai, MD, MS

I just wanted to say that your office staff is more attentive, and compassionate than that of any other doctors that I see. (They are obviously happy, or they wouldn't stay with your practice as long as they have.) Every time I call, I feel that I am considered a priority; and I am always helped. See more

from Sumi September 19, 2019 for Eric Dunlop, DO

My husband and I both see Dr. Eric Dunlop in San Luis Obispo, CA. Dr. Dunlop is not only very knowledgeable and professional, he also is personable and able to provide understandable explanations of medical conditions, procedures and treatments. He asks questions to get a clear understanding of symptoms we might be experiencing and offers solutions that work for us. The staff from the… See more

from Paul September 18, 2019 for Glen Stuhring, MD

I have a good story for this week. I have laryngitis since last Friday. Yesterday, 4 days in, I started to get very sick with coughing up green stuff and tremendous body aches, fever, and getting really side. I called Dr Stuhring and he took my call. He got me on the right meds and 24 hours later, I feel much much better. It will take a few days but wow, that was service. I had fallen off… See more

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