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from Mary Lynn June 19, 2019 for Paige Walend, MD

It is almost impossible to say how much appreciation I have for Dr. Walend and her staff. Under her care, I have received more support than I have previously, ever had from a physician. Dr. Walend cares about her patients which is evidenced by the time she takes in each appointment and by the depth of interest she exhibits in my overall health and well being. The staff and particularly her nurse… See more

from Doug June 6, 2019 for Ralph A. Lanza, MD, FACP

Dr Lanza has been my primary care physician for well over 20 years.
In addition to being my primary care Doctor, he has been a confidant and friend.
I feel like a special person and not just another patient to get in and out in a given amount of time.
He has a genuine concern for my health and total well-being.
He listens to me and understands me. I have a feeling of… See more

from Tracy June 4, 2019 for Brent W. Laughlin, MD

I joined MDVIP a few months ago as I was searching for a different experience in the care of my health. I had been visiting a doctor who didnt seem to connect with me or the reason I may be visiting his office for. It seemed as if he was too busy or had a quota of patients to get through his office in a day. After my last visit with him I was so frustrated that started asking around about doctors… See more

from Leo June 3, 2019 for Frederic S. Becker, MD

Dr. Becker and his staff provide the most comprehensive, timely service I have ever experienced. He personally is available whenever needed , day or night , with deep insight into a broad range of medical issues . Truly a Best Doc .

from Joe June 2, 2019 for James P. Harkins, MD

Dr. Harkins has been taking care of me for close to 40 years, and also took care of my father for his last 20 years, and he lived to be 99 years old. I know that I'm not the best patient, but he has never said anything to correct. He had coolest temperament, even though I don't deserve his professionalism. I have several relatives that he treats, and all agree with my assessment. See more

from Gina June 1, 2019 for James P. Harkins, MD

Dr. Harkins is always available in time of need for me and my husband. We were one of this first patients when he opened his office in Newtown Square.
A great doctor with patience, knowledge and care for us. God bless Dr. Harkins.

from Rona May 30, 2019 for Frederic S. Becker, MD

Dr. Becker is the kind of doctor everyone wishes for. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, caring, and most of all really proficient at his craft. He and his staff are available to handle concerns no matter how small. Living in Florida , it has been very difficult finding a competent doc who has a practice that is focusing on care, and not making the most amount of money possible. We travel to Pa.… See more

from Larry May 29, 2019 for James P. Harkins, MD

He shows tremendous care and provides a comprehensive assessment every time i go to his office. It is a quiet office, everyone takes there time in taking care of you with no hurry or rushing going on. He has basically saved my life twice with reducing high blood pressure and detecting a tumor under my tailbone that turned out to be cancerous. With this early detection, my situation is clear.… See more

from Susan May 29, 2019 for Frederic S. Becker, MD

I love Dr Becker. I rate him a 5 plus. He is wonderful at keeping my multiple medications straight along with my multiple specialists (10) on the same page. How lucky am I to have Dr Becker? Extremely!

from Elmore ( Bud ) May 28, 2019 for Frederic S. Becker, MD

I've been with Dr Becker for several years now and not only is he a great doctor but I consider him a good friend.
He has all the positive aspects that a first class doctor should have and adds to the equation a very pleasing personality. See more

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