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from Sheila December 1, 2019 for Richard J. Meyer, MD, FACP

Dr. Meyer is everything I want in a doctor. He meets and exceeds all expectations of what I think a physician should be. He is undoubtedly very knowledge and competent. I have found him to be sensitive, caring and very communicative. He carefully listens to what I have to say and responds in a way that shows he understands my concerns. I feel very comfortable and secure in his care.

from Laura November 21, 2019 for Sheldon T. Warman, MD

My husband and I wish to express our sincere appreciation to Dr. Warman and,
in particular, to Marlene Gundersen -- office manager and person in charge.
We understand that Marlene has been nominated for an Ambassador award at MDVIP, named appropriately for Marlene is an outstanding ambassador for both your organization and Dr. Warman's practice. She handles all variety of… See more

from john November 20, 2019 for Joel Keenan, MD
Image provided by: john

having relocated to a warmer climate...i have needed to change physicians.
I must say that joel was my md for about 15 years and I have enjoyed a very healthy 15 years.
if he is not one of the best guys I know as well as a great doc...i'll eat my hat! See more

from Austin November 20, 2019 for Scott A. Hammer, MD, FAAFP

This past year I moved and selected a new MDVIP physician at my new location. I was very happy with my previous MDVIP physician, but I am even more impressed the care I am now receiving from my new physician, Dr. Scott Hammer, and his amazing team. This week I began the tests for my annual physical exam under the care of nurse Cody Malone. Cody took the time to provide an overview of everything… See more

from Carl November 12, 2019 for Scott A. Hammer, MD, FAAFP

I have been an patient of Dr. Hammer for over 10 years and find him to be very well qualified and compassionate. I debated following him into the MDVIP practice and decided that with all the coordination with other doctors that I would and am pleased I did. I could not find a better GP if I tried. In my latest bout, I saw him at 4PM, had tests done at hospital at 6, 9PM he had the results and he… See more

from James November 11, 2019 for Jennifer K. Miller, MD

Dr. Miller and her staff have a patient centered practice whose hallmarks are being proactive , caring and extremely diligent on all follow up matters. Her insight led to the discovery of a 100 blocked carotid artery on my right side. Her proactive approach undoubtedly saved me from a stroke or worse. I thank my lucky stars to be among her patients.

from Tamara November 3, 2019 for Alicia Chen, MD, FACP

In 2003 I suffered a major medical problem and was referred to Dr Chen. Medically it has been the best thing that has happened to me. Ive had to deal with chronic illnesses and she does a great job triaging my condition and getting me where I need to go. In 2008 I was suffering from foot drop and Dr Chen did blood work that discovered I had Multiple Myeloma. That had nothing to do with the foot… See more

from Susanna October 22, 2019 for Robert C. Barnes, DO

Dr Barnes handled a situation in the office that could have had a horrible outcome. His knowledge, compassion, and patience diffused a incident where he didn't miss a beat. He worked right through the situation as if he had done so many times. He was cool, calm, and collected which makes him a true Top Doc. See more

from Nancy October 22, 2019 for Beau B. Pittman, MD

It is worth every penny to join MDVIP and have the doctor you trust invest more time and do more comprehensive testing. This helps you look at the total picture of your health and ways to improve. Dr. Pittman has counseled me more because he has more time to do this during an office visit. I have lost 30 pounds since January. He gave me apps to easily track carbs plus more to help me do better so… See more

from Shirley October 20, 2019 for Donald H. Bernstein, MD

An amazing man, Dr. Bernstein answers my calls, is accessible, and recommends the right treatments for me. In an emergency when he told me to go to the ER, upon arriving there, he had already spoken to the Dr. there so he was fully informed. Who does that? What doctor in my 97 years of life has been so attentive and helpful? I cannot say enough about how awesome he is and I recommend him with a… See more

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