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from Vicki August 29, 2018 for Daniel C. Ripley, MD

I am a patient of Dr Daniel Ripley in Beaufort SC. Not only is he a very caring & smart doctor; his staff is some of the most caring I have ever met. Having serious medical issues, I have met many, many doctors from Duke Hospital to the Mayo Clinic & Dr Ripley & his staff rank among the best! His nurse, Tracy Ketola, always calls a few days after my visit just to check on me & is… See more

from Wendy August 23, 2018 for Michael J. Braun, MD, FACC
Image provided by: Wendy

My doctor, Michael Braun- Aventura, Florida, and MDVIP has made a drastic positive difference in my health and the health of my family and friends! Dr. Braun has continuously gone above and beyond
in providing the absolute best health care, advise, support, expertise, commitment and compassion to all of us!! His quest to keep us informed and updated via his daily
Instagram videos is… See more

from Camille August 22, 2018 for Christopher B. Nicora, MD

Dr. Nicora is a very special Doctor. He never rushes, is always pleasant, always takes time to discuss concerns and is the 1 in a hundred doctors to actually cares about his patients. He is a true gem and I'm lucky to have found him. See more

from Ann August 22, 2018 for Pamela Wang, MD

Dr. Wang is the most caring doctor I have ever known. I was her patient prior to her joining MDVIP. She is well educated, professional, has the wonderful bedside manner, is kind and thoughtful etc. When she notified me of her choice to join MDVIP, I followed her. Im so happy that I did! Selfishly, I wouldnt trade her for anyone!

from Vicki August 21, 2018 for Zeina Jeha, MD, MPH

Dr. Zeina Jeha has always been there when I need her. She always has had my best interests at heart both before and after joining MDVIP. Dr. Jeha is the best!

from Sam August 20, 2018 for Jenna H. Choi, MD

In May of 2018, a couple of my blood test results were slightly out of range. Dr. Choi ordered an Ultra-Sound of my abdomen. While the original issue is resolved, the Ultra-Sound revealed a tumor on my right kidney. This has now been removed with no further treatment recommended. Without your initial pro-active response to order the Ultra-Sound, the tumor could have spread (It was cancerous) and… See more

from Nestor August 8, 2018 for Robert A. Brinkman, MD

Brinkman is a great physician and a great human being.

from Glenn August 4, 2018 for Murray Snook, MD

to a fellow Aggie and my personal care doctor, :
It is comfortable to know and have you as my personal Doc!

from Ida N. August 2, 2018 for Mark McConn, MD

I can never express my appreciation to Dr. McConn, Dawn Scott and the staff at MDVIP for the care, medical advice and understanding they have given me.
The patient experience there is so far and above most visits to the doctor.
They have been sensitive to my low income and have never made me feel less than welcome. Currently, my husband of 62 years is in treatment for 4th stage lung… See more

from Dorene July 27, 2018 for Gene E. Kielhorn, DO, MPH

I had the bad news that my A1C was too high. I had gained weight and was not taking care of myself. Dr. Said I was diabetic but could work on weight and exercise. I had the physical I needed thru the MDVIP program and decided to make some changes. I started walking, and drumming, (great way to exercise) and lost 30 pounds and got my A1C and weight under control. Feel much better. Look much better… See more

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