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from Betty in AZ July 17, 2021 for James R. Boyed, MD, FAAFP

Doctor Boyed has been my Doctor for over 30 years and I hope he will be until I die. He is kind, patient, thorough, explains everything in detail and answers all of my questions. He is always on top of the cutting edge information about living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding uncessary medical problems. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have him as their doctor. See more

from Patricia in MO July 16, 2021 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Penny Eckles is a star in a small medical practice with a great primary care physician. Penny, Alex and Vicky, are members of Dr. Lyndell Scoles’ team, and they are extraordinary, individually and collectively. They, and Dr. Scoles, work like a professional sports team. Though each player is a specialist they all can, if necessary, depart from their job description to help us.
Penny is very… See more

from Debra in FL July 16, 2021 for Ronald C. Fernandez, MD

The reason for the best decision except marrying my husband is because it was his idea for me to join MDVIP! Imagine my surprise when I am telling him of all the benefits of MDVIP and then I said you pay for membership he said go for it! I am so glad he did. Since that time I have experienced Covid and was in ICU for three days, he diagnosed my thyroid disease when nobody else could, and I… See more

from Lynne in MI July 13, 2021 for Patricia J. Roy, DO

Dr Roy reviewed my recent assessment with me. I was very pleased with her in-depth explanations and she answered every question. The assessment revealed some issues about my health that I can work to improve. She helped me to find ways to make the changes that I need. I felt the the assessment was very beneficial and that she is very committed to helping me to improve and go forward.

from Robert in MD July 12, 2021 for Peter P. Ramirez, MD

Dr. Peter Ramirez has been my primary care physician for about 10 years. He is without question the most competent and caring physician I have ever encountered in my 81 years on the planet. He not only diagnoses the situation, but explains in detail underlying causes, treatment options, potential outcomes and recommendations. Then, he follows up until the situation is resolved. He would give… See more

from Linda in MO July 4, 2021 for Laurie D. Senol, MD

Dr. Senol has been a real find for us. She is very professional, listens, and answers all questions clearly, which I appreciate. She also has a sense of humor which makes for a comfortable appointment. We are relocating to Des Moines, Iowa soon and wish we could take her and her staff with us.

from Dea in TX June 29, 2021 for Ashley Stiegler, MD

My 87 year old Mother has been a patient of Dr. Ashley Stiegler for many years. However as Mom's health began declining several years ago I became her caretaker and involved in all of her medical appointments, tests, hospitalizations, treatments and ongoing medical care. Dr. Stiegler has provided not only quality medical care but has shown great compassion and caring for not only Mom but… See more

from Jennifer in OK June 28, 2021 for Susan Willard, DO

Dr. Willard is the Best Doctor! I have been a patient with Dr. Willard for 15 plus years. Her compassion and dedication are two amazing qualities, not to mention her medical knowledge.

from Christine in FL June 27, 2021 for Thomas G. Serio, MD
Image provided by: Christine

Over the past few years my husband has had to deal with a progressively debilitating back problem. Dr. Serio has been supportive in referring him to a local neurosurgeon who ultimately performed a laminectomy and fusion at L3-4 on 5/4/21. Prior to this surgery, my husband endured several years of “pain management” procedures and medications meant to alleviate pain. After his surgery, the… See more

from Gary in MO June 24, 2021 for Lyndell D. Scoles, MD

Vicky Soell is a star on a team of stars in a small medical practice with a great primary care physician, Dr. Lyndell Scoles. Vicky, Alex and Penny, are members of his team, and they are extraordinary, individually and collectively. They, and Dr. Scoles, are like a professional football team. Each player does their part but each can, if necessary, become the quarterback. From our perspective… See more

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