from Wayne in VT May 14, 2024 for Keith W. Michl, MD, FACP

I had a MRI and before I could even get home Dr. Michl was calling with the results and an action plan. He had already contacted my heart doctor and together they had a great response.

from Sharon in TN May 10, 2024 for James D. Jones, MD

My husband had fallen off our basement stairs and had a traumatic brain injury. He was taken to a trauma center where we had never gone before. I listened to the trauma team explain what was taking place. Then I called Dr. James D. Jones to relay the message. He very calmly explained to me what was taking place and walked me through the big words I did not understand. It was so wonderful to… See more

from Rehn in GA May 10, 2024 for Wallace E. Holland Jr., MD

Dr Wallace Holland is much more than a doctor ! He’s a friend, he’s someone who really cares about me as a person as well as a patient. I can not even imagine not having Dr Holland to call and see when I’m not well or just when I need to talk to someone with lots of life knowledge.He is a wonderful man. Im fortunate to be one of his patients and hope he’s around a long time

from Barbara in FL May 9, 2024 for Frederic J. Guerrier, MD

Dr. Guerrier has been our doctor for over 20 years. He has been there thru so many crises that saved my life. The last encounter took place when I had a serious allergic reaction to an antibiotic while out of state. I could not walk and was in pain. I called Dr. G. He took all my info over the phone and told me to stop medication. He was going to call another MDVIP doctor to see me. He worked… See more

from Lorraine in MI May 9, 2024 for Genise E. Kerner, MD

Dr. Kerner is the best physician I have ever
been blessed to find. She’s no nonsense, straight forward and a great diagnostician. The MDVIP platform works for me and the care I receive is stellar. Prevention has been the best cure. I’m healthier than ever; over 60, going on 35, thanks to Dr. Kerner and MDVIP.
The amazing annual physical alone is well worth the price of the fee to… See more

from Edwin in PA May 9, 2024 for Janet A. Robertson, MD

At age 39 I was not in good condition. I decided to begin a running program. I bought running shoes and hit the street in front of my house. To my surprise ny the time I ran from my starting point, the telephone pole in front of my house, to the telephone pole in front of my next door neighbor’s house, I had to stop. Everything hurt. I could write a book on what followed. I’ll summarize. Now I’… See more

from Deborah in KY May 8, 2024 for Debbie Fibel, MD

How important is exercise? Just ask my doctor, Debbie Fibel. She has been suggesting exercise to me forever and has listened to all my reasons for not doing (time constraints, cost, health issues) but, always tries to encourage me to do something. She even went so far as to invite me to join her for her personal training sessions twice a week. I don't know many doctors that would do this… See more

from Virginia in DE May 5, 2024 for Robert Kopecki, DO

When I first went to Dr. Kopecki's office Lisa was the first face I saw. She made sure I was comfortable and at ease because when I first came to the office I was very nervous and worried about my situation. No matter how many times I called the office Lisa made sure I felt like I wasn't being a bother and made me feel like we have known each other for years. If you happen to have… See more

from alan in FL April 30, 2024 for Jonathan B. Berger, MD, FACP

i asked my wife Sunday night, of all the decisions we make throughout our lives, what was the one decision that stands out as being a very wise, great decision? She looked at me with an inquisitive eye and then nodded in agreement: Selecting Dr. Berger to manage our health. A very wise decision.

from Carole in NC April 29, 2024 for Lawrence S. Carter Jr., MD

I recently changed my doctor to Dr. Carter and was very pleased to have done so. He is very professional, but he
still remains friendly and professional at the same time. I have confidence in his "doctor skills and feel that he really
cares about my well-being. I seem to irritate my doctors, and I feel Dr. Carter seems to have more patience with me
Than most when I don… See more