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from Barbara September 1, 2019 for Robert L. Ruxin, MD

My husband and I recently moved to Ridgefield, Ct where we settled after 40 years of living in westchester,NY. The move required many changes and starting new relationships..choosing a new doctor was of a primary importance to us,
After doing some research we chose dr. Robert Ruxin as our primary physitian.
It could have not been a better choice.
We cannot say enough about dr,… See more

from Richard. August 30, 2019 for Craig W. Kuebker, MD

Your staff is the best and very professional!!!

from Walter August 30, 2019 for Edwin Anderson Jr, MD, FACP

Dr Ed Anderson is great. Very dependable and always available. He is tops in my opinion.

from Edith August 30, 2019 for Jeffery Meyers, MD, FACP

I observed how Dr Jeffery Meyers took VERY good care of my husband which led me to join MDVIP under Dr. Meyers. Dr. Meyers provided me with EXCELLENT care!

from Doug August 23, 2019 for Dr. Alyssa M. Degnan

We have known Dr Degnan for over 10 years and were happy to sign with her when the MDVIP situation was offered. We always knew she was a great communicator and a really experienced physician. What we have learned in the past month about her style, knowledge and follow up was really impressive. I returned home on August 3 from Cleveland Clinic after having open heart surgery. Dr Degnan has been… See more

from Arthur August 22, 2019 for Jeffery Meyers, MD, FACP

Dr. Jeffrey Meyers has been my doctor for years. Two years ago i had a procedure on my back. Dr Meyers came to the hospital to see how my recovery was coming along.. With Dr Meyers and MDVIP i have had the following experience:
He referred me to a specialist for my severe pain from Osteoarthritis. I called and was informed it would be a month before i could have an appointment. I… See more

from Carmel August 22, 2019 for Jeanne M. Mase, MD

You don't appreciate what you have until you loose it!!! I was away from MDVIP for awhile and boy did I miss it. Experiencing long waits in doctors offices, rude doctors, uninformed doctors, shall I go on? Now that I am back with MDVIP, my stress level has improved along with the high level of confidence that I have with Dr. Jeanne Mase. She is the best!!! See more

from William August 20, 2019 for William L. Striegel, MD

A day after returning from vacation I was experiencing abdominal pain. I called Dr Striegel's office around 1:00 pm. Three hours later I was in his office for an examination. Within 24 hours of his initial exam and orders, he called me with the results of lab work, a series of chest and lumbar x-rays, and a CT scan. The results were not as serious as feared. In a very short period of time,… See more

from Donald August 20, 2019 for Craig B. Henry, MD
Image provided by: Donald

I had a problem the other night so I called my doctors office to leave a message but instead called him at home (it was 12:30 AM). He took my call and I apologized for calling him directly at just past midnight. He told me it was fine and to let him know my issue. So I told him and I felt his concern through the phone. He instructed me what to do and I followed his direction and now I have no… See more

from Robert August 15, 2019 for A. Roland Spedale Jr., MD, FACP

Him and his staff are great

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