What is MDVIP Connect?

In order to help your employees easily connect with their doctor and make healthy choices every day, MDVIP has designed two tools to support health and wellness. Through MDVIP Connect website and app, employees will be able to communicate securely with their doctor and staff from their desktop and mobile devices, manage payment profile and schedule payments (if applicable), get support from MDVIP, and view the results of their MDVIP wellness services.

On the Connect website, they’ll be able to:

What do I need to do to sign up my company?

The process of setting up an MDVIP Executive Health Program for your company is easy. After you’ve connected with James Wood, head of our corporate wellness program, you’ll execute a non-disclosure agreement and one-year corporate agreement.

From there, just a submit list of eligible employees. We’ll help you distribute welcome communications that explain the program to the eligible employees. They’ll select their preferred physician, and their new physician will contact them to set up appointments.