Barry Schumer, MD

Internal Medicine
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Barry Schumer, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My philosophy of practice mandates equal attention be paid to patient education, patient treatment, and patient peace of mind. Because the connection between mind and body has been repeatedly proven, gaining peace of mind for my patients is a crucial component of my care. My goal is for my patients to feel more secure and empowered when they leave my office than when they arrived. Achieving this goal requires more time with patients, not less - and cannot be rushed, cannot be hurried, and must be scripted solely based on patient need. I strongly believe that the amount of time required for this type of care is simply "as much as it takes" - and nothing less.

Dr. Schumer's Credentials

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UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA
Internal Medicine 1979-1981

UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA

Medical School:
Stanford University School of Medicine
Palo Alto, CA
Doctorate of Medicine 1978
Graduate in Top 10%

Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Zoology 1973
Magna Cum Laude

American Board of Internal Medicine
Saint Joseph Hospital
First Choice Award, National Internship Match 1978
Stanford Summer Psychiatry Department Research Grant 1975
Hillel Foundation Medical School Scholarship 1975
Phi Beta Kappa Academic Honor Society 1973
University of California President's Undergraduate Research Fellowship 1972
Undergraduate Honors Biology Research Program 1971-1973
Undergraduate Volunteer Service Award 1971
California Scholarship Foundation 1966-1969
Partner and President, Internal Medicine Associates 1981-present
Member, Permanent Attending Staff, Saint Joseph Hospital 1981-present
Medical Director, Keeneland Racecourse 1999-present
Medical Consultant, Jockey's Guild 2008-present
Medical Consultant, Permanently Disabled Jockey's Fund 2010-present
Creator, Jockey Injury Database 2012
Creator, Jockey Health Information System 2008
Board of Directors, PIE Malpractice Insurance 1990-1997
Thoroughbred Horse Racing and Breeding, Jockey Health Safety and Welfare, Authoring Health Care Op-Ed Essays, Sports and Personal Fitness

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Schumer

from Linda in KY March 25, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD

Dr. Schumer is just the best and he employs an incredible, caring staff. I'm not certain if I could pick out just one moment because he has always been there for both my husband and me, whether for a regular physical where he is ready to listen and to give great advice, or when he showed up at the hospital after surgery surprising and delighting even the nurses (who couldn't believe my general… See more

from Marion in KY March 13, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD

Since Dr Schumer has been my family physician, I can’t identify one particular health issue that has made a major difference in my overall health. However, he has successfully treated and cured blood clots (four in one leg), severe back pain, treatment of a major ankle injury and breathing problems. These are only a few of the many health issues I have experienced. I have so much confidence in… See more

from Joseph in KY March 11, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD

Dr. Barry Schumer and 2 STAFF members came to our home to visit my Wife in 2020 , prior to Hospice for cancer. We both had been his patients for 31 years!

from Darryl in KY March 10, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD

I've enjoyed being Dr. Schumer's patient for the last 22 years. He respected the informed consent aspects of our relationship. I've been blessed with good health and few medical problems. I especially appreciated the respect he showed when I refused Covid19 "vaccine". I'm not a supporter of vaccines in general. As confirmed especially now with the evidence of… See more

from Marion in KY February 26, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD

Approximately Thirty Years ago I changed my family physician and began a long relationship with Dr. Barry Schumer. One of my best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Schumer has treated my illnesses and never hesitates if he is unsure about a medical issue to refer me to a physician who specializes in treating my medical issue.

After my last Medical Awareness Exam, Dr. Schumer informed me… See more

from Susan in FL February 11, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD

I cant say enough good things about Dr Schumer. He is a well respected physician and my husband and I are so fortunate to be patients of his. He is always willing to spend time discussing any medical issues we might which is unusual in this day an age. We truly appreciate Dr Barry Schumer who is a kind caring physician.

from Joan in FL February 11, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD

I have been going to Dr. Schumer for over 25 years..and long before he joined the mdvip network. He is very caring, takes the time to listen carefully what's going on. His first choice is not a prescription which I appreciate. He talks about options and outcomes. I love my doctor. I don't believe I will ever have another doctor like him.

from Edward in FL February 11, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD

I’ve never met a physician like Dr Schumer. He and his staff Joy and Melissa make us feel like family. Although my wife and I have never had to contact Dr Schumer after hours or on weekends we have such piece of mind knowing that he is available for us in an emergency. Being part of MDVIP has taken so much stress out for our lives. If we need to see a specialist the team takes care of… See more

from Ralph in KY January 22, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD
Image provided by: Ralph

I have been diagnosed with cancer 3 times. Each time Dr. Barry Schumer was thorough and referred me to a specialist early. Thanks to Dr. Schumer I have survived each cancer with only one type of treatment and all of them are now considered cured.

This is my most recent cancer story—cancer number three.
I expected my 2021 yearly wellness exam to be routine. I was feeling fine and… See more

from Bart in KY January 19, 2024 for Barry Schumer, MD
Image provided by: Bart

Let me make this simple...Dr. Schumer never, ever, ever, rushes through our visits. He is always there to thoroughly answer any-and-all questions I have. No matter how long it takes. Unbelievable chairside manner. And, his staff is priceless!!! Zero turnover. That says everything!

Dr. Barry Schumer has reduced his primary care practice size from 1,800 patients to 400. Like other doctors, the reason for this dramatic change is simple: He joined MDVIP, a personalized healthcare network of more than 800 doctors across the United States.… See more