Todd D. Buchanan, MD

Family Medicine
104 West Mercer Street PO Box 1183
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Todd D. Buchanan, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

As an MDVIP-affiliated family doctor my intention is to provide high quality, personalized healthcare to my patients. For me, the key element in this is the word care. Having a smaller panel of patients allows me the time to become thoroughly familiar with my patients and enables me to form a trusting partnership so we can collaborate both in treating illness and achieving health goals. 

I have a special interest in stress reduction, which affects all aspects of a person’s life, as well as many disorders such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, gastro-intestinal problems and sleep. Similar to concierge medicine practices, I also offer conveniences like same- or next-day appointments that start on time. My primary care practice has served the Dripping Springs and Austin areas for the last 23 years, which has also given me extensive experience treating seasonal allergies.

Dr. Buchanan's Credentials

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University of Texas Health Science Center
San Antonio, TX
Family Medicine 1990-1992

University of Texas Health Science Center
San Antonio, TX

Medical School:
University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX
Doctorate of Medicine 1989

University of Texas
Austin, TX
Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Arts 1980

Central Texas Medical Center
English and Spanish
Medical Director, Grace Hospice
American Academy of Family Physicians
Texas Medical Association

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Buchanan

from George in TX March 20, 2020 for Todd D. Buchanan, MD

Gentle prodding, not a lecture, is most often the best way to motivate someone to change habits to promote better health. Not only has suffering a stroke for the first time four years ago given me cause to control better my diet and exercise habits, Dr. Buchanan has encouraged me even more to strive to improve my health and well being with specific approaches to take. Each visit with him in… See more

from Barbara Therese in TX March 12, 2020 for Todd D. Buchanan, MD

I came to Dr Buchanan 2 years ago after sustaining a head injury several months previously.
I have multiple health problems including auto immune issues, and a severely compromised immune system.
Dr Buchanan is so caring, respectful and experienced. He establishes such a strong trusting relationship with his patients.
He empowers his patients to be engaged in their own… See more

from Beverly in TX March 12, 2018 for Todd D. Buchanan, MD

Dr. Buchanan has been my family doctor for about 25 years. He and his staff have seen me through broken bones, 2 car wrecks, and the usual aches and pains of an aging woman. Most importantly, he recognized my unusual palor during a med review and advised a blood test to see if I was anemic. We were all shocked when the results came in and I immediately went to the hospital for several… See more

from Betty in TX March 8, 2018 for Todd D. Buchanan, MD

Dr. Buchanan is truly an exceptional doctor in our day and age. He brings unmatched kindness and gentle wisdom to each visit. Even at closing time we have never felt hurried along. He is very thorough, always asking thoughtful questions, and listening carefully before making recommendations. My husband and I appreciate such reciprocal communication. Such rare qualities have truly built our… See more

from Jimmy in TX March 8, 2018 for Todd D. Buchanan, MD
User submitted photo

Todd Buchanan has been my doctor for around twenty years. In all that time he has never rushed through an appointment. He has taken the time to present me with every possibility that he felt might explain my symptoms and explained why he thought which explanation was best. He has a remarkable depth of knowledge in every medical area that has concerned me and has found me specialists who were… See more

from Dan in TX March 7, 2018 for Todd D. Buchanan, MD

Luckily for me, I am not a patient that Dr Buchanan needs to see regularly, yet. But I know from the little bit of interaction I have with him, I am in good hands in the event I need him.
I love the yearly physical and the time Dr Buchanan spends explaining things line by line. I never feel he is in a hurry.

from Katie in TX March 7, 2018 for Todd D. Buchanan, MD

Dr. Buchanan has always been available and very patient with me in discussing treatment options. He has a wealth of information which he shares with me. He is so kind and so intelligent and I feel very supported by hime

from Derek in TX March 4, 2018 for Todd D. Buchanan, MD

Dr. Buchanan is a Very caring man. Very thorough with his medical Appt. if he even has a question regarding your condition, you will get helped rather from him or a specialist, he would rather be safe then sorry. He is a very personable Dr. He cares. I dont know what im going to do if he retires. I've been with him for almost 20 years, He gets me, and knows my health situation up down and… See more