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from Angelina September 21, 2017 for James G. Bingham, MD

MDVIP is an excellent addition to my health care. I am happy that my physician has my personal health in mind and clearly helps me improve my health. The wellness exam is an excellent tool towards making my life a healthier and happier one to live. Thank you Dr. Bingham.

from David September 18, 2017 for Jeffrey P. Friedman, MD

This past weekend (9/16 -9/17) I had a medical issue relating to a cardiac concern. Called my MDVIP physician (Dr. Friedman) and he immediately answered his cell phone and directed me to the closest hospital ER room. He was also available all weekend long and luckily for me all the tests and results ended up very positively after an overnight in the hospital. Cannot say enough about his… See more

from Judi September 17, 2017 for James A. Morris, MD, FACP

Last week I had a flare up of a sore throat I initially had in early August. I called Dr. Morris' office to see if I could speak to him or if I needed to make an appointment. I learned he was away and would not return for five more days.
The office staff member said she would try to reach him and ask him to call. I did receive a call from Dr. Morris from France! He gave me advice and… See more

from Josianne September 15, 2017 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

I have been with Dr. Leder for more years than I can count! She has always been a great support, has a wealth of knowledge, and as qualified as she is, never hesitates to recommend an outside consult if needed. Again, with all of her qualifications and years of experience, Dr. Leder still wants to not only remain current, but be ahead of the game with testing, practices and whatever will most… See more

from Emily September 8, 2017 for Laurie B. Feuer, MD

Love Dr. Feuer! Very thorough and no nonsense! Always on time!

from Jean September 8, 2017 for Phillip W. Siemer, MD

For nearly 15 years now, there has been something wrong. On and off through those years, as some new symptom would present, I would go to a doctor who would then send me to a whole bunch more doctors who would do all kinds of tests and then, because they couldn't figure out what was wrong, they would declare me crazy in one form or another. Going to the doctor got to be a really unpleasant… See more

from Beth September 6, 2017 for Bonnie Levin, DO

I have been a patient of Dr. Levins for about 25 years, She is one of the most understanding, compassionate, caring person I have ever encounter in my lifetime. No matter what my issue is, she is always willing to listen, help and has a special magic to calm my nerves by just listening and talking to me, holding my hand (literally) and just taking the time to make me feel like an individual and… See more

from Gail and Howard August 30, 2017 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

We have been patients of Dr. Michele Leder for well over a decade. It became immediately apparent that Dr. Leder was the perfect physician for us. She has been exceptional in conducting thorough physical exams, providing ample time to provide feedback and answer any/all questions/concerns with great empathy.She has been thoroughly versed in discussing issues involving ALL medical specialties and… See more

from Mitchell August 28, 2017 for Frederic S. Becker, MD

Fred (Rocky) Becker is the best doctor I know by far. He always makes our whole family feel like we are the most important ones in the building even though you can see the heavy patient load the office supports. Rocky is extremely knowledgeable and has the right contacts with other specialists, many of whom are the best at what they do. As my diabetes progresses he has helped me control my… See more

from Jim August 20, 2017 for Dr. Joseph T. Morandi

I first joined Dr. Morandi's practice a few years ago after a relatively long time without seeing a doctor. The experience was good and his network of specialists were very good as well. In 2016 he presented his patients with his plans to join the MDVIP program. After careful consideration, I chose to follow him based on his passion for the new direction of his practice and my confidence… See more

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