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from Janet May 24, 2018 for Mitchell Marks, DO

I dont really have a story except than when I had a nosebleed Dr. Marks stayed in the room with me until it stopped bleeding. I have been with Dr. Marks for many years and I just love his bedside manner and his humor! He is always caring and compassionate and not in too big of a hurry to listen to what you have to say. Never acts like he doesnt have time to listen, even when the waiting room said… See more

from Jodi May 24, 2018 for Louis B. Malinow, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Lou for probably close to 30 years and he has always been a wonderful doctor. The difference today Is he has more time to spend with us and is always researching the newest and lastest research studies to keep us as healthy as we can be! He doesnt like surprises!!! On a scale of 1-10... he gets 11!

from jon May 23, 2018 for John T. Heidrick, DO, FAAFP

Dr. Heidrick is knowledgeable and very courteous to patients. He will call you back in minutes. I was at a meeting in which he received a call from a patient and he took the call rather pass it. His knowledge is fantastic. A great DR. and a great person too.

from Michelle May 22, 2018 for Mark L. Ireland, DO

Dr Mark Ireland is an excellent physician who cares for me. He takes the time to care for all my needs and takes time to listen to everything I need to say. I would recommend him to any one i know.

from Antonietta May 21, 2018 for Frederic S. Becker, MD

Now the whole world knows what I know all along what my Doctor is like. He is kind, gentle, and caring and responsive to every test that he ever takes. He calls me himself. Im cant say anything but good things about this Doctor. He changed my life for the better. He is a great human being. I love you, Doctor!

from Michelle May 21, 2018 for Mark L. Ireland, DO

Dr Mark Ireland is an excellent doctor that I would recommend to anyone. He takes the time to listen and is highly concerned and caring for my health.

from IRVIN May 19, 2018 for Louis B. Malinow, MD

I am presently being treated for cancer that Lou identified thru MRI's and ERAYS. He then proceeded to put together a team of specialist that have drawn on their expertise and have added colleagues they hold in high regard to insure that I have the best possible chance of curing me of cancer. Lou is in constant contact with the team and keeps me well informed. See more

from Esther May 17, 2018 for Diana L. Kennedy, MD

When I came to Dr. Kennedy I had lost all hope, I had taken my self off all medication and did well for a moment, then I crashed. Then I was sent to Dr Kennedy who did not put me down but gave me hope, she spoke to me in her kind voice, and set me up with a plan of how I would get back on track and be a healthier person . I was in a tornado and was put on steroids for two long and it made my… See more

from Kathleen May 14, 2018 for Karen R. Smith, MD

Never too busy for me. Have her cell number in case of emergency (Christmas weekend and got a bladder infection.) Love the Cleveland clinic exam.

from Frederick May 14, 2018 for Paul Feldan, MD

Dr. Feldan is a Careing Great Doctor. and the Staff is Always very Pleasant. You could Not find a better Care Practice. I want to Thank You For your Help

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