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from Reva November 7, 2017 for Harry W. Kaplan, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Kaplans from the very beginning of his practice. As a retired nurse I found the kind of physician that every nurse wants for herself and her patients. H.e is always there whenever I need him. So lucky to have him

from Lynn November 7, 2017 for Stephen H. Glasser, MD

Dr. Glasser has devoted his time to actually practicing medicine and caring about his patients as opposed to the practices where you never see a doc but have a nurse practitioner as your first line of medical defence. Dr. Glasser will make time for you even if his roster is full for the day and he will make sure that your needs are met whether it be a medical challenge or just an appointment time… See more

from Barbara November 6, 2017 for Stephen H. Glasser, MD

Even before becoming an MDVIP physician, Dr. Glasser has always been a Top Doc. He is a caring, supportive, compassionate, knowledgeable, concerned physician. Each patient is treated like a member of his own family. His calm nature has helped me through so many medical crises. Returning calls while in the airport, coming to the ER to meet me after an unusual scan, treating my mother with loving… See more

from Denise November 6, 2017 for Janna Massar, MD

My husband and I have moved around quite a bit during our lifetime and have had to leave behind some of our favorite doctors. So starting over and repeating our history has been tedious. When we moved to Plano, I was without health insurance and stumbled onto the MDVIP website and Dr. Janna. When I called to inquire if she was taking new patients, I was transferred directly to her. Imagine… See more

from Ann November 1, 2017 for M. Susan Jones, MD

An amazing Dr. A great friend. With her for 17 years. She has been with me through all the crises in my life.She is my hero, she has saved my life.

from Faith October 31, 2017 for Steven M. Pounders, MD

Went to Dr Pounders and was so welcomed I felt I would get my husband to go here too. I stayed on because I have such werid problems and he is able to ferret out what they are!

from Devon October 30, 2017 for James M. Bromley, MD, MPH

Dr. Bromley is amazing. I've been going to him for a few years now and he's still fantastic at listening to the patient and really trying to get to the root of their illnesses. Fantastic doctor and person. See more

from Ronald October 25, 2017 for Mart J. Amick, MD

Dr. Amick practices a traditional style of medicine. His clinical assessment begins by listening attentively to the patient's medical concerns, and then develops his recommended treatment plan through a series of patient questions, physical examination, diagnostic testing and physican specialist consultation when appropriate. His non-judgemental, professional style of patient communication… See more

from Marilyn October 24, 2017 for Mart J. Amick, MD

Congratulations to Dr A aka Mart Amick on being named a top doctor by Delaware Today

from Ruth October 23, 2017 for Mart J. Amick, MD

Quite an honor that is much deserved.

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