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from Bryan November 29, 2017 for Mark J. Chyna, MD

I will miss Dr. Chyna and his staff very much as we have moved out of the North Chicago suburban area. I first met Dr. Chyna in the mid 2000's before he became affiliated with MDVIP. He was the backup on-call physician for my primary physician who was treating me for a severe case of facial cellulitis with oral antibiotics. After a few tries of switching antibiotics; it still was not… See more

from Lynn November 16, 2017 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

Great physician. Dr. Zebley pulled me through a very serious illness. He has a vast knowledge of medicine and a gentle and kind demeanor with patients. I do like knowing if a problem arises that needs urgent medical attention that Dr. Zebley is available by picking up the phone. He has always resolved the issue whether it be his direct care or someone else. I value his opinion tremendously.

from Jason November 14, 2017 for Alberto Mestre, MD, FACP

Dr Mestre is an amazing Dr and with the MDVIP Model I know that I am in good hands. Having a Dr that is fully engaged in my wellness makes me feel more comfortable about my health. The annual wellness program with its comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests, gives me and Dr Mestre a way to develop an individualized action plan that includes the next steps to staying healthy… See more

from alan November 14, 2017 for Harry W. Kaplan, MD

My wife and I have been with Dr. Jonathan Berger for nearly 10 years. No problem. Routine stuff. But this year, both of us got hit with a lot of stuff. And who was there, every step of the way and with warmth, comforting and reassuring, but none other than Dr. Berger. From his office (great staff) to the hospital, he should not only medical knowledge, but exhibited genuine care with a great… See more

from Janet November 12, 2017 for Harry W. Kaplan, MD

Calm, soft spoken, caring, interested, warm, easy to talk to, these are the reasons I am so happy that I can call Dr Kaplan my doctor... I feel very fortunate that when Im feeling sick I can call Dr Kaplan and know I will have someone talk to me that really shows he cares...

from susan November 11, 2017 for Kevin W. Turner, MD

Dr. Kevin Turner has been my doctor for several years. He is by far, the best doctor I have ever had. He is thorough; and knowledgeable, in many, many areas. But most of all he takes the time to know who I am, what my health issues are, and the best way to treat them, whatever illnesses I have. His bedside manner is the best . He always makes me feel that I have gotten the finest care… See more

from Harvey November 11, 2017 for Harry W. Kaplan, MD

Dr Kaplan has been my doctor for 20 yrs he was my wife's doctor & her father's doctor. There is just not enough good things to say about this man. Over the 20 yrs this man has always greeted me with a smile & caring attitude( sometimes I think he cares to much). What a great man & a great experience, thank you Doc. See more

from Joni November 9, 2017 for Harry W. Kaplan, MD

My family had been with Dr. Kaplan for at least 10 years but when he became a part of the new conciege doctor program, we couldn't afford to stay with him. Well, years later, we're back. Our primary care physicians were great people but none compared to Dr. Kaplan. Everything about his practice is superb. From his office staff to his bedside manner, no other physician comes close. He… See more

from Donald November 9, 2017 for Harry W. Kaplan, MD

Dr. Kaplan is warm, empathetic, and understanding. He listens carefully, then provides the best option(s) for the individual patient's well-being. I have great confidence in him and his ability to provide the best solution in a medical situation. His staff reflects his work ethic and attitude toward his patients. I feel fortunate to call Dr. Kaplan, my doctor. See more

from Honor November 9, 2017 for Joseph W Zebley III, MD, FAAFP

My name is Honor Branch and I have been a patient of Dr. Zebley for over 25 years. When Dr. Zebley( I call him Dr. Z) decided to join MDVIP I was one of the first to enroll. It was not an easy financial decision for me, but without my health - what good was anything else. By the age of 40 I had many abdominal surgeries and a near fatal bowel blockage. I knew that I needed someone who knew my… See more

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