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from Lois October 19, 2017 for Louis B. Malinow, MD

Dr. Louis Malinow is a very caring doctor. For me, I believe he has saved my life.
He takes wonderful care of my husband, never in a hurry to rush you
out of his office or on the phone.

from Marsha October 17, 2017 for Louis B. Malinow, MD

It is a true partnership that my husband and I have with Dr. Lou. He is compassionate and takes time to listen. We live in Frederick, MD now and have thought about looking into a doctor locally but we just can't justify what Lou has to offer. We have been going to Lou for a long time and can't imagine going to any other internist, We would like to congratulate him...he deserves this… See more

from Roxana October 18, 2017 for Ruth L. Eckert, MD

My husband found me unconscious on the floor and took me to the Emergency room (ED). When the ED doctor sent me home after giving me 2 bags of IV, with a diagnosis of dehydration. My husband called Dr. Eckert's personal cell number and explained the symptoms. She told him to get me back to the IV right away and that she would call them to explain. If she hadn't, if we had waited one… See more

from David October 17, 2017 for Louis B. Malinow, MD

The best, smart, able to trust his diagnosis, and a very nice doctor to talk Also patient for his patients.

from Christopher October 8, 2017 for Mark McConn, MD

My primary care retired and after the last four years my struggle to find a replacement has been nothing short of one disappointing let down after another. Every office has PA's or LNP's who won't be there following getting their work experience credit and then you're left with the next temporary student all while you become invisible to actual treatment by someone that couldn… See more

from Susan October 3, 2017 for Bunnie Hill, MD, MPH

Dr. Bunnie Hill, is a very compassionate caring dr. she is amazing always there for you to make you feel your best. Explain things very well she is very patient, she'll take her time with you , See more

from Lisa October 4, 2017 for Robert Hankenhof III, MD

My name is Lisa Lemaire and I have been a member of MDVIP with Dr. Robert Hankenhof, in New Iberia, La., since he started this program in August, 2017.
A few months prior to joining, Doc spoke to us about this new program that he was starting and told both my husband and I the optimistic results of becoming a healthier person thru this program. I knew the time was right for me to start… See more

from TARUNA October 3, 2017 for Michael J. Finkelstein, MD

I was a patient of Dr. Finkelstein's before he became an MDVIP member and the idea of having to find a new primary doctor was frustrating and upsetting because I was so grateful for his expertise, his ability to listen to what I had to say, and his respect for his patients. When my husband and I attended the meeting, at which time he announced his new position and explained the differences (… See more

from Rebecca September 29, 2017 for Jill B. Cohen, DO

Dr. Jill Cohen is SPECTACULAR!
Dr. Cohen is warm, compassionate, intelligent and extremely insightful. She is respectful of values and clearly understands patient priorities. She always goes the extra mile. Dr. Cohen has assisted me on numerous time sensitive occasions, providing immediate and thoughtful medical intervention. Her referral network is outstanding. I recommend Dr. Jill Cohen… See more

from Alan September 25, 2017 for Bonnie Levin, DO

In addition to being a wonderful, compassionate, and thorough physician, Dr. Bonnie Levin also truly saved my life in 2013. After a previous non-cancerous colon resection surgery, I developed an abdominal hernia that was obvious. Most doctors would have just referred me to a surgeon to repair the hernia, just upon sight. Dr. Levin went the extra mile, ordering an ultrasound, just to determine… See more

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