Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

Internal Medicine
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450.00per quarter
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

I went into medicine to help people. A physician should be a teacher who can explain to people, in understandable language, the human physiology and what is required to help maintain wellness. He should be able to guide patients in making decisions appropriate for their individual needs, when healthy and when ill.

My staff and I are committed to providing patients with the time necessary to address all their issues and concerns, ask all their questions and allow follow-up as often as necessary. We will listen to you in order to provide you with medical care you desire and use our training, knowledge and understanding to help you enjoy a healthier life.

Dr. Seligmann's Credentials

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Washington Hospital Center
Washington, DC
Internal Medicine Resident 1971-1974

Washington Hospital Center
Washington, DC

Medical School:
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Doctorate of Medicine 1971

George Washington University
Washington, DC
Bachelor of Science, Zoology 1967

Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine
Scottsdale Healthcare, Shea
Scottsdale Healthcare, Shea
- Active Staff Member 1983-Present
- Department of Medicine Chairman 1985
Paradise Valley Hospital
- Active Staff Member 1983-2000
- Executive Committee Member at Large 1993, 1988-1989
- Executive Committee Chief of Staff 1990-1992
- Quality Assurance Committee Chairman 1986-1989
- Credentials Committee Chairman 1985-1986
- Board of Trustees 1989-1992
John C. Lincoln Memorial Hospital
- Active Staff Member 1982-1994
Scottsdale Memorial Hospital Osborn
- Active Staff Member 1982-1992
Holy Cross Hospital, Silver Spring, MD
- Active Staff Member 1974-1982
Adventist Hospital, Takoma Park, MD
- Active Staff Member 1974-1982
Suburban Hospital, Bethesda, MD
- Active Staff Member 1974-1982
- House Staff Instructor 1974
from Jerry March 31, 2017 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

Well, we are just finishing our first year with Dr.Seligmann as our primary physician..We are completely satisfied with Dr. Seligmann and the care he has provided us. The availability of Dr. Seligman for medical problems both small and large is very comforting to my wife and me.

from Peter March 29, 2017 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

Dr Seligmann is a real pro. He has amazing knowledge, and is always available to us. His referral network is also comprised of terrific doctors as well. We trust Dr Seligmann's judgement and experience as much as any doctor we have ever been with.

from Jill in AZ December 6, 2016 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

After relocating to Az. my husband and I decided the MDVIP program would be our wisest choice. We interviewes several physicians and decided

After relocating to Az. my husband and I decided the MDVIP program would b e our wisest choice. We interviewed several physicians and decided Dr. Ralph Seligmann would best meet our needs.
During my first physical Dr. Seligmann decided to… See more

from Frances in AZ February 11, 2015 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

Having Dr. Seligmann as my physician has given me much peace of mind.
He is an excellent doctor who is very caring and interested in my welfare.

The annual MDVIP physical is so thorough and informative.

My MDVIP experience has been very rewarding.

Thank you, Dr. Seligmann for everything.

from Joe in AZ March 13, 2014 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

In 1985, after taking my wife to six doctors, who could not diagnose or suggest anything, we went, on the recommendation of a co-worker to se Dr. Seligmann. After a fifteen minute visit in his office, and without an examination, he diagnosed her and put her in the hospital. After radiology, chemotheropy and surgery, she passed away.
Dr. Seligmann has been my personal physician since then… See more

from Layne in AZ March 10, 2014 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

He has been my Internist for well over 20 years. He has been there for me thru thick and thin - most notably, the death of my husband in 2007. I trust Dr. Seligmann - he listens - he does not over-react, nor do I. Trust is the main ingredient in our relationship and I know I can reach him anytime if there is an emergency. Peace of mind is worth a lot.

from Phillip in AZ February 26, 2014 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

Going to visit Dr. Seligmann, is like visiting family.
We love to be greeted by his wonderful staff and
seeing them and appreciate their reception.
Our time spent with Dr. Seligmann, is like talking to a
family member. It is always a pleasurable experience
and we always leave the office satisfied that he has
listened to us and understands our complaint.

from Sharon and Joe in AZ February 24, 2014 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

Before moving from the Maryland to Arizona my husband and I interviewed a few MDVIP physicians in the area. We wanted to make our transition to a new MDVIP office as seamless as possible. We are so happy with Dr. Ralph Seligmann and his team. We fit right into the practice and we are taken care of immediately whenever we call the office with an issue.

from Fritz in AZ February 22, 2014 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

Ralph Seligmann became my doctor soon after he moved from Chevy Chase to Scottsdale to open his practice here. I have been his patient for about 30 years and have followed him to several different offices. Not only is Dr. Seligmann very knowledgeable but he has always been a doctor who really cares about his patients! I am very glad he is my doctor! He has kept me very healthy for an 80… See more

from Vivian and Steve in AZ February 15, 2014 for Ralph E. Seligmann, MD

My husband I relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona 13 years ago from New Jersey. One of our greatest fears was replacing our long time doctor that we loved for many years. We are so fortunate to have located Dr. Seligmann; absolutely the best doctor. He is always there for you whether in person or on the phone. He does whatever he needs to do to find answers and monitors other doctor's… See more

Annual Membership Fee

450.00per quarter
900.00per semi-annual
1,800.00per year