Patrick F. Majors, MD

Internal Medicine
3009 North Ballas Road Suite 126A
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1,500.00per year

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

Good health is precious! Attainment and maintenance of good health requires commitment on the part of the patient and the doctor. My goal is to nurture that commitment to achieve the best possible healthcare and outcomes both physically and mentally. I value my ability to explain difficult concepts in very understandable terms. I love to teach. The patient will tell you what is wrong if you listen and take the time. I am a very good listener.

Dr. Majors' Credentials

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St. Mary's Health Center
St. Louis, MO
Internal Medicine 1976-1978

St. Mary's Health Center
St. Louis, MO

Medical School:
St. Louis University School of Medicine
St. Louis, MO
Doctorate of Medicine 1975

University of North Dakota
Grand Forks, ND
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry 1971

Missouri Baptist Hospital
Des Peres Hospital
St. Mary's Medical Center
Courtesy Staff, St. Mary's Health Center 1978-present
Active Staff, Des Peres Hospital 1994-present
Medical Director, The Gatesworth at #3 Mcknight Place 2002-present
Active Staff, Missouri Baptist Hospital 1992-1996, 2006-present
Active Staff, Forest Park Hospital 1978-2002, 2006
Medical Director, The Gatesworth at #1 Mcknight Place 1988-2002
Medical Director, Tower Grove Manor 1979-2001
Courtesy Staff, St. Luke's Hospital 1992-1996
Bethesda General Hospital
- Active Staff 1978-2000
- Executive Committee 1982-1998
- President of Medical Staff 1993-1996
- Chief of Medicine 1982-1989
Medical Director, Bethesda Dilworth Memorial Home1978-1987
Physician, Student Health, Washington University 1979-1980
American Society of Internal Medicine
American College of Physicians
Missouri State Medical Society
St. Louis Metropolitan Medical Society
Music, bicycling, backpacking, mountain climbing, sailing, amateur radio, philosophy and religion.
from Gail March 30, 2017 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

Dr. Majors is always available to patients. When my mom was in the rehap center he would call everyday and talk with the nurses and when I was recently in the hospital he did the same thing to the extent that one nurse told me, I wish I had your doctor. He spends time with you during your appointment and makes sure you understand what is going on. His nurse is also very friendly and helpful… See more

from Robert March 29, 2017 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

Dr. Majors was a remarkable healer before he joined this program. Since then, his ability to spend more time with my wife and I our respect has grown even more. I recommended him to my son and two sisters who all have the same opinion. My son is a trained chemist and is in the parma business. Dr. Majors has the ability to converse at his level about medications at his level as well as a layman… See more

from Alan March 27, 2017 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

It had been a long time since I had a Primary Care Physician that showed a professional interest in my well being. Most would get you into the office do a brief overall of your general health, not spending more that 10-15 minutes, then don't forget their copay and out the door. Dr. Majors will spend any and all the time necessary to explain issues, suggest options and recommend… See more

from Mary in MO March 15, 2016 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

He has urged me to exercise....and I have tried to incorporate moving around more parking further away. bending and stretching into my activities of daily living.

from Barbara in MO February 24, 2014 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

I have been going to Dr Majors for over twenty years. He is not only a caring, thorough physician, but the most interesting man in the world. My husband marvels at the conversations we've had.
He is genuinely interested in my family's health. He is excellent at interpreting the data that he collects from our wellness visits and gives guidance to improve our health. He has… See more

from Gene in MO February 18, 2014 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

Dr. Majors is the most caring and efficient doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.
He is my rock of Gibraltar in over all health care.
His is the only word I trust in choosing specialists for necessary evaluations.

Thank you doctor Majors

from Julia in MO February 19, 2014 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

Dr. Majors is so much more than just my physician. He is my friend, confidant, father confessor and a person I trust implacably. He is incredibly compassionate, understanding and always available and helpful. Even before Dr. Majors entered your program, he was the one and only one I would trust or who I would want treating me. He keeps track of everything, which is good because I don… See more

from Elizabeth in MO February 9, 2014 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

I have been seeing Dr. Patrick Majors since long before he joined MDVIP. When he decided to join MDVIP I did not want to lose him as my doctor so I joined. He has always been available, even more so since MDVIP, and I have always trusted his advice and like the fact that he is straight forward and no nonsense. We trust him so much that when our children turned 18 years old they started seeing… See more

from Robert in MO February 7, 2014 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

My wife began seeing Dr. Majors as a patient in the mid 1970s. I became acquainted with him after our marriage in the mid 1980s. He has been our physician since that time except for a period of time when I was transferred to Florida. I will never forget my first appointment with Dr. Majors. He prescribed a medication and I asked him about side effects. He proceeded to draw out the… See more

from Julia August 15, 2012 for Patrick F. Majors, MD

Dr. Majors is much more than just my trusted physician; he is a friend and deals with you in such a caring manner! He encourages you, fights for you with insurance companies and always, always has your best interest at heart. He's a true professional with a heart of gold! I have no idea where I would be if it weren't for his care, compassion and commitment! Thank you Dr. Majors… See more

Annual Membership Fee

375.00per quarter
750.00per semi-annual
1,500.00per year