Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

Internal Medicine
61 Lincoln Street Suite 107
Framingham, MA 01702 Get Directions

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450.00per quarter
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1,800.00per year

My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

The entire focus of my practice is the passionate conviction that an ongoing personalized approach to care is the cornerstone of true wellness for everyone. Taking the time to get to know each patient as an individual, with particular interests, needs and concerns; and tailoring an appropriate and unique plan of care for each and every one of you is what truly good doctoring is all about. My practice will support this important goal of helping you achieve the best overall wellness possible by allowing us to stay in close touch, providing me the means to fine tune your health and wellness needs on an ongoing basis.

Dr. Hoffmann's Credentials

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Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA
Junior Medical Resident 1982-1983
Senior Medical Resident 1984-1985

Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA

Medical School:
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
Doctorate of Medicine 1981


Massachusetts General Hospital
Boston, MA
Clinical Fellow, Ambulatory Medicine 1983-1984

New England Deaconess Hospital and Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
Clinical Fellow, Infectious Disease 1985-1986
Research Fellow, Infectious Disease 1986-1987

Princeton University
Princeton, NJ
Bachelor of Arts, Biochemistry, Science and Human Affairs 1977
Summa Cum Laude

Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Drug Enforcement Administration
Diplomate, Subspecialty of Infectious Disease
MetroWest Medical Center
Readers Choice Award, Community Newspaper Company 2007-present
Compassionate Doctor Award, American Registry 2011-present
Princeton University
- Phi Beta Kappa, Academic Honor Society
- Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society
MetroWest Medical Center
- House Staff Teaching 1989-present
- Quality Assurance Committee 2005-present
- Chairman, Institutional Review Board 1992-2003
- Director of Research 1996-2002
Ethics and Grievances Committee, Massachusetts Medical Society 2002-2006
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Cigna Healthcare of Massachusetts 1994-1996
from Elizabeth April 2, 2017 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

I have known Dr. Hoffman for many years and I met him when he was my parents doctor. He soon became my doctor. There isn't just one word to describe Dr. Hoffman, there are many words. He is caring, empathetic, prompt, extremely intelligent and if it wasn't for him, I may not be here today. I had surgery on my foot in the summer of 2016 and if he hadn't told me the signs of a… See more

from Myke March 29, 2017 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

Dr. Hoffmann - I am so proud and honored to have you as my doctor. Your integrity and caring for me and others over the many years is above and beyond. The way you have connected with Zoe my 24 year old daughter, is beyond words. Thank you for everything you have done for me.
Myke Farricker

from Marie March 27, 2017 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

Doctor Hoffmann is one of the sweetest, kindest and caring and knowledgeable doctors I know . I have been his patient for over 25 years, and feel that I am the luckiest person on earth to have him as my PCP. He cares so much about each and every patient. He spends all the time you with you to go over any questions or concerns that I have had.
I have had many health issues over the years… See more

from Joseph March 20, 2017 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

Dr.HOFFMANN demonstrates a level of competence both in medial knowledge and in human relations. I have 100 confidence in this man as he oversees my health care.

from Robert L in MA February 20, 2015 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

Stephen Hoffmann is a caring and kind Doctor. He cares for his patients and has been a wonderful doctor and friend through the years. He knows the top doctors to send you if you have a health problem who will deliver the same understanding he deliver to you.

from Marjorie in MA February 14, 2015 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

There are truly no words we can use to express our gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Hoffmann. We really don't think there is another doctor out there who is as dedicated and devoted to his patients as he is. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in almost every aspect of his patients' health, but he also has a limitless ability to recommend specialists for further consultation… See more

from Gary February 10, 2015 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

I have always felt fortunate to be a part of my doctors practice for the last 20 plus years. I feel he has always tried to provide the type of service MDVIP provides but was impossible under the constraints of the currant healthcare system. He has always found time for me regardless. Now that he is a MDVIP-affiliate I feel I am his only patient. I never feel I have to rush to explain an issue… See more

from Hollis in MA April 30, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

I have had Dr Hoffmann for probably 15years....He is a kind, gentle, caring physician. I am blessed to have such a wonderful PCP.

from Katherine in MA March 16, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

Dr. Hoffmann is extremely informed about my health history and my life in general.
He is very proactive and thought provoking. If I have an issue regarding my health, he wants to find a solution.
I also love the fact that he is talking and listening to me and not typing into a computer.
I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Stephen Hoffmann as my PCP

from Sherry Anne in MA February 23, 2014 for Stephen A. Hoffmann, MD

Dr. Hoffmann,

It hardly seems possible that nearly 20 years have gone by since you were recommended to me and I came to see you for an initial office visit to investigate an extra heart beat. With my family's heart health history, I was concerned. You alleviated my fears after testing and have monitored the situation, sending me to a specialist in recent years when it required… See more

Annual Membership Fee

450.00per quarter
900.00per semi-annual
1,800.00per year