Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

Family Medicine
120 Conner Drive Suite 200
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Get Directions

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412.50per quarter
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal is to provide personalized and attentive care to all of my patients. By emphasizing wellness and disease prevention, I strive to enhance each patient's quality of life and become a "partner" in their goal of achieving and maintaining good health. I believe that state-of-the art education and technology, compassionate care and a comfortable friendly environment where people feel confident they are being heard and helped, all combine to create the type of personalized medical care that will keep my patients happy and healthy.

Dr. Furman's Credentials

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North Carolina Memorial Hospital
Chapel Hill, NC
Chief Resident 1980-1981

North Carolina Memorial Hospital
Chapel Hill, NC
Family Practice 1978-1981

Medical School:
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
Doctorate of Medicine 1978

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH
Bachelor of Science, Cum Laude 1974

Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice
Diplomate, National Board of Medical Examiners
University of North Carolina Hospital
Named in America's Top Family Doctors 2008-2009
Best Doctors in America® 1996-2014
American Cardiac Life Support Instructor, American Heart Association 1982-2004
Fellow, American Academy of Family Practice 1984-present
American Academy of Family Physicians, member 1975-present
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis 1984-2004
Orange Cardiovascular Foundation 1985-2005
United States Navy, Medical Corps
Commissioned Ensign Oct 1974
(Health Profession Scholarship)
Promoted to Lieutenant June 1978
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander Sept 1983
Honorable Discharge July 1985
Navy Commendation Medal 1985
from Wendy March 31, 2017 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

Fortunately, I joined Dr Furman's practice a year ago. Due to a plethora of autoimmune illnesses, when experiencing an acute flare, I was bewildered concerning whom I should contact for my current condition. Having seen several specialists for my potpourri of maladies, as expected, the specialist was never available in a time of crisis due to the needs of those with appointments.… See more

from Tim March 28, 2017 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

Dr. Furman is an awesome doctor! He is so kind and really takes the time to understand me and my health care needs. I love the way he explains things as well. He is very knowledgeable and has kept me very healthy during all my endurance sports endeavors. What an all around great guy!

from Dennis March 28, 2017 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

Dr. Furman is personable, friendly, understands me and my life, is considerate concerning my international traveling, and responds to request very quickly. I am a MDVIP member because of Dr. Furman.

from Tim March 27, 2017 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

Dr. Furman has been my doctor for over a decade, and I trust him implicitly. He is sensistie and listens to me clearly. Access to him has been greatly enhanced with MDVIP. I would strongly recommend him as a family doctor.

from Henri in NC April 21, 2015 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

It's hard to overstate the difference this type of health care represents.

It's health care as it used to be, on a human level, but with all the new science which in most cases has dehumanized the people and the systems.

Dr. Jeffrey W. Furman is both a wonderful physician and a wonderful person, and he will help you, and help you do what you need to do with kindness,… See more

from Aaron in NC October 8, 2014 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

Thanks for your personal attention and thoughtful consideration of my health. Congrats on the distinction. You're certainly the best I've ever worked with!

from Eric in NC June 7, 2014 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

My wife, children, and I have been patients of Dr. Jeffrey Furman for over 24 years. He is an outstanding physician in every sense: very competent and skilled, compassionate, considerate, and an excellent diagnostician. My family and I feel blessed that Dr. Furman is our family physician, and his guidance and medical care has has helped us in so many ways. Not only is he our physician, we… See more

from Conrad in NC February 14, 2014 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

After I made it through surgery and chemo for colo-rectal cancer I was dismissed by my oncologist asno need to follow you anymore I searched through multiple cancer centers to find a physician to take care of me but nobody seemed to care as much about a survivor as they do about a cancer patient going through chemo. Dr Furman from day one took me into his care with great compassion and superb… See more

from Douglas in NC February 7, 2014 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

My wife and I are now in our second year as patients of Dr. Furman. We both have health issues that we are addressing and improving upon and Dr. Furman is an excellent health care coach. He is very dedicated to his profession and clearly adopts MDVIPs focus on Wellness, Prevention and early detection of disease. I am firmly convinced that my general health and wellness has been greatly… See more

from Ronald in NC February 6, 2014 for Jeffrey W. Furman, MD

I have been a long-term patient with. He was always a superb doctor, but his change to MDVIP enhanced the doctor/patient relationship. I have been fortunate with no serious illnesses, so Dr. Furman has provided more counsel than care. I attribute my continued good health to a significant degree to the thoroughness of the annual physical, the time he has and takes to discuss the implications of… See more

Annual Membership Fee

412.50per quarter
825.00per semi-annual
1,650.00per year